Giannis wants to smoke cigars like Jordan and celebrate Buck’s NBA title in Mykonos


Changed 22 May 2020, 06:06 IST

Milwaukee Books superstar Giannis Antotoukonampo

Milwaukee box star Giannis Antitocompo wants to smoke cigars like Michael Jordan and celebrate a potential NBA championship in Mykonos.

Before the season was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus epidemic, the boys had a choice to win the NBA title.

Milwaukee holds the league’s best record at 53-12 over the Los Angeles Lakers for the first title since 19w1.

While the Covid-19 has stopped Milwaukee’s search, the MVP Antitocampo hopes to take the NBA trophy to its own Greece and part island of Mykonos – the Chicago Bulls have channeled the great Jordan.

“Before all this happened with Covid-19, I was telling the team to go on a trip to Greece in Mykonos,” Athlete Dude Good told RadioStation on ESPN.

“Mykonos is one of the best islands in Greece, it’s a party island. You can’t go there with your significant other, you can stay on your own. It’s turned into a boys’ trip.

“Obviously, we have Santorini, Santurini is really romantic. It’s the best sunset and sunrise in the world. You can take your significant other there.

“I had the opportunity to go last year – I was with [Eric] Bladeso and Brooke [Lopez] Mykonos – and I’m kind of sad that we weren’t able to bring the whole team to experience what we’ve achieved.

“So obviously, I think, we’ve held the trophy since we won the championship and we’re all smoking cigars like MJ, we can all do it in Mykonos.”

It remains to be seen when and if, the 2019-20 season will resume after the coronavirus outbreak.

Opportunities for NBA practice have resumed this month after the league set no targets before May 8 for teams to return to their complexes.

Commissioner Adam Silver is said to be returning to the league via two Orlando and Las Vegas.