Golf is the number one sport in the UAE in the summer

Temperatures in the UAE have risen significantly over the past week or two, excluding the rainfall we remembered in February and March.

People are happy to be able to travel outside again after the recent ban on the Kovid-1p epidemic was lifted. Warm air trapped in the house is a welcome relief from the claustrophobic states.

Summer is a time that most residents of the UAE fear as the hot weather has finally arrived. However, it is also the time of year when people can offer some quality membership to their local golf club.

People can enjoy top-class facilities for a fraction of the full member’s expenses, depending on the local football, rugby and GAA seasons, an ideal way to spend summer mornings and evenings.

Whether it’s a full 18-hole, nine-hole, or driving range trip, all the requirements and standards of the game are included in the city’s top courses.

Across the emirate, golf has become more accessible than ever before and it can only be a good thing. But what makes the game so popular in the summer months?

Since there is no outdoor sports until the end of August, this is a good idea to get out of the house every morning or evening and focus outside of work.

The social aspect is bright from both player and non-player perspectives. With many families returning to their home countries after the end of the school year, this is a great opportunity for those who are in this country to meet new people and stay fit.

And let’s not forget the beauty of the UAE courses, equal to the best in the world.

Among the Mariner residents, Jumeirah Lakes Tower and above, the address Montgomery has emerged as one of the most popular clubs to join in the summer months.

Highlights include access to the championship course, practice facilities, football and academy equivalent 3 course membership fees.

This year’s rate has not yet been announced, but the 2019 price was ,500 5,500 per person ED

In the summer of the Dubai Desert Classic, just five minutes down the street from Emirates Golf Club, the ED spent 5 5,995 for a four-month summer membership – down from 6 6,400 in 2019.

Membership from 9am to 2pm on Sunday-Thursday includes unlimited access to the Faldo course seven days a week from 1am, access to the Dubai Creek Championship Course and the Fire Course at Jumeirah Golf Estate.

At Jumeirah Golf Estate, membership was the same as last year’s Aid 5,775 fee. However, this summer, golfers can play both Fire and Earth courses, an interesting offer considering the progression is the home of the European Tour season-ending DP World Tour Championship.

Next to the airport, a summer pass at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club costs 4,850 AEDs per person for four months, providing additional access to both Fire and Faldo courses from 9-200 a.m. on weekdays.

Off course, away from the action, each club includes a summer membership food and drink discount, a 30-minute testimonial with a golf instructor, and gym and swimming pool facilities. But it is doubtful by the ongoing epidemic that retirement access will be granted until official clearance is announced.

Trump International, Dubai Hills, JA The Resort, The Track and Arab Ranches are in the process of announcing a 3,000-per-person summer contract for Adeid. And if one wants to get away from Dubai, Al Hamra, Al Jorah, Yas Links, Al Ain and Sharjah also offer great deals and well-maintained courses.

Some clubs, such as El Club, are waiting for more clarity on their current restrictions before the contract is announced due to time constraints and limited availability.

You do not have to be a member to enjoy golf. If you are interested in playing a round, Tron and Golf Central are websites that show green fee rates and available tea time for various courses in and around the UAE. It allows people to play as much as possible without cutting membership fees.

With the slower summer months approaching, look for something that makes you happy. Working out at home or running around the mariners can be a relief for some people, while others enjoy playing outdoors with friends in a quiet environment.

This is what makes people hook golf. Staying out with a group of two or three people far away from the stress of life. It doesn’t take too much toll on your body compared to football and rugby. As a result, you can play most days if time allows.

The rarity of success that makes the game so enjoyable. Some days it can get worse and those grimlines will crawl into your mind about not wanting to play again. You have to control that impatience here and concentrate. At other times, you may feel at the top of the world when you save for the ocean or make a stunning birdie hole.

The UAE golf market is showing clear signs of strength in difficult times. However, innovation, flexibility, an interesting social aspect and playing outside, are necessary to attract the heart and mind in the slow summer months.

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