Gretzky was out after playing IPL, Manning became Colette


Changed 18 Apr 2020, 11:32 IST

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Peyton Manning

For the Indian Premier League and NFL legend Peyton Manning, April 18 is when it started.

The best Twenty20 franchise cricket tournament in the world began twelve years ago when Brendon McCullum provided a thrilling example of format application.

A decade ago, the Indianapolis Colts made a decision that would change the fate of the franchise better when they picked quarterback Manning.

We take a look at some of the most significant sporting moments that took place on April 18 over the years.

1998 – The Colts select for Manning over the Leafs

Manning and Tennessee quarterback Manchester United and Washington State’s signal caller Ryan Leaf did not have much of an eye on early this year’s draft NFL draft.

The Colts were the first overall pick and chose Manning, who would lead them to three playoffs and two Super Bowls – the first since the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy win over the Chicago Bears, and they moved out of Baltimore.

Manning ended his career in Indianapolis with franchise records, where the Leafs were just 25 games into the NFL Draft’s biggest bus, directly behind him in the San Diego Chargers.

1999 – ‘The Great One’ bow

The crowd present at Madison Square Garden said goodbye to NHL legend “The Great One” as Wayne Gretzky played the 1,487th and final game of his decorated career.

He scored his 2,777th point – an assist – in his 2-1 overtime loss to the New York Rangers Pittsburgh Penguins.

Gretzky remains one of the leading scorers in NHL history, and at his retirement, he recorded 61১ leagues.

28 – McCullum starred in IPL screen-raiser

No need to worry about the fireworks for the IPL Opening Ceremony as they regularly came from a New Zealand batsman after the action started.

In the first match of the IPL, Royal Challengers defeated Bangalore by 5 runs.

Chris Gayle, who is the only man in IPL history to become the first player to score 10,000 runs in T20 cricket on April 18, 2017.

2008 – Supersonics transfer gets seal of approval of NBA owners

April 8 was a dark day for Seattle sports fans when they learned that NBA owners voted to move Supersonics to Oklahoma City.

Just five days after the Sonics proved to be their final game in Seattle, 28 of the 30 owners were allowed to relocate to OKC, where the team went cold.

Professional basketball didn’t return to Seattle when a Thunder team of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden reached the 202 NBA Finals, where they lost to the LeBron James-led Miami Heat.