Grujic hopes that Liverpool’s future will be decided soon

  • Having not played a Premier League game for Liverpool for more than two years, Marco Grujic admits he should consider his future at Anfield.


Changed 11 Apr 2020, 16:56 IST

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Marco Gruzic

Marco Grujic is hoping that his progress in Anfield will be difficult to achieve in the coming months, acknowledging that his future in Liverpool will be discussed.

The 27-year-old Serbian midfielder is currently in his second season long loan spell with Bundesliga Hertha Berlin next week.

Prior to that, he spent time with Cardiff City in the Championship and two years have passed since a Premier League appearance for Liverpool.

Grujic was a contract until 2020, but his lack of first-team opportunities under J ।rgen Klopp meant he knew his next move had to be carefully considered.

“I hope that [talks] “It will happen in the next few months,” he told Athletic.

“I’m sure we’ll sit down and discuss what’s best for the club and what’s best for me.

“I’m no longer young. At 24, I am at that stage when I need to make important steps in my career. I need to think and be clever about what happens next.

“The best thing about being in Liverpool and waiting for a chance, or at the moment when taking out another loan or going to another club, I don’t know the answer. Everything is still open.

“The Bundesliga is a good league and I’ve had a lot of important experiences over the last two years and I think I’ve improved as a player.”

Klopp usually deals with a three-member midfield and has the blessing of plenty of options, including Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wiznadloom, Naby Keita, Fabinho, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and James Milner.

“This challenge is so great,” Grujic added. “These guys have performed so well this season, which I’m happy with.

“There are so many quality midfielders in Liverpool. It’s hard to get a chance.”

Published on April 11, 2020, 16:56 IST

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