Hafthor Bjornson v. Eddie Hall: Thor takes the iconic Deadlift record, fight now?

Hafthor Bjornson lifts 501 kg dead. Photo: John Trustee Semundsson

Hafthor Jorgensen set foot on record books with an incredible 501kg lift on Saturday

From Game of Thrones to Mountain2016, Eddie Hall warmed up with an easy tug of 420kg and 455kg before reaching the world’s top 500kg.

Prior to the lift, which took place at the Bornsons Thor Power Gym in Reykjavik, Iceland, Hall and other areas, it raised questions about its legitimacy because it was out of official competition.

However, it has approved the Dubai-born World Ultimate Strongman as part of their WUS power and world record breaking The series, which co-sponsored the Kovid-1p epidemic around the world, was launched on the back of sports and travel bans.

At the top of the record, it was added when Berginson signed a seven-figure deal with Corisports to take the hall to the ring.

New world record holder Hafthor Bjর্নrnson said: “I could have done more today, but what does that mean?”

7 before adding. “Eddie [Hall]I just broke your record and now I’m ready to get you out of the ring … to keep your fists where your big mouth is and it’s time to sign the contract! “

The hall was quickly acceptable, so check out this space

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