Hartha Berlin suspended Kalu for ignoring the rules of social distance


Changed 04 May 2020, 23:30 IST

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Harta Berlin forward Solomon Black

Salman Kalo has suspended Hertha Berlin after threatening the possibility of returning to the Bundesliga through a social distance move this month.

The veteran Ivory Coast forward posted a now-deleted video on Facebook showing him shaking hands with teammates and a member of staff.

Kalou Bedad clenched his fist before speaking to IBCVIC, the Hertha captain probably complained about the pay cut that he took part in response to the ongoing coronavirus health crisis.

A COVID-19 Test conducted by former Chelsea player Diofender Jordan Turunarigha appears to have stalled.

A statement from Hortha wrote: “Through his video, Salmon Black gives the impression that Harta BSc players are not taking the necessary social distance and healthcare guidelines seriously.

“Hartha BCS made it clear that this was the work of an individual player. The other team members did not draw his attention to this violation and instead returned the greeting with a handshake, making it clear that the rules of social distance must be enforced more vigorously.” be

“As the video was taken into the team’s dressing room, Black broke clear internal rules and displayed behavior that was not appropriate for the current situation and was a reflection of Hertha BSc’s code of conduct. The club decided to suspend the player. .

“The discussion of partial waiver of salaries of professional players of Hartha BSc was due to miscalculation. These were later corrected.

“These measures were discussed publicly in coordination with everyone and supported by all players. There was no internal criticism. On the contrary, everyone welcomed the move.”

In a statement, Kalu apologized: “If I give the impression that I am not taking the coronavirus seriously, I apologize for it.

“The reality is exactly the opposite, because I am really concerned for the people of Africa, because the health systems are not as good there as in Germany.

“I didn’t really think of it and I was encouraged that my tests came back negative. I also want to apologize to everyone in the video who didn’t know I was broadcasting live and who I didn’t want to bring to this situation.”

Earlier on Monday, the German Football League (DFL) announced that the Bundesliga and 2nd have been in action since last Thursday. More than 1, 100 tests have been held from the Bundesliga club.

Taking such steps in detail as part of its efforts to restart competitive action – perhaps in the middle of this month – the League has sharply criticized Black in a brief statement.

The statement said, “Salmon Kalo’s picture from the dressing room of Harta BSc is absolutely unacceptable.”

“While other players and clubs are stuck in the direction they understand the importance of the situation, it can’t be tolerated.”