‘He knows what the players need’


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 17:54 IST

Luke Shaw of Manchester United

Luke Shaw has regained his confidence and credits Ole Gunnar Solskazar with providing a spark to restore Manchester United’s career.

Left-wingers at the time faced criticism from former boss Jose Mourinho, whose tough-loving outlook failed to bring the best out of the former Southampton player.

Soulscazar, however, has used a variety of tactics to work with the United squad to his Portuguese predecessor.

Shaw, for one, is taking advantage of Soulskazer’s help and says there is “widespread respect” for Norwegians across the dressing room.

“He helped me a lot on the pitch, but more so the way he handled the players he made the biggest impact off the pitch.”

“He knows what the players need. I had a tough problem for two years before he came; I think he probably understood and he knew what I needed. He really pushed me off the pitch. He must have believed me. , He told me that. ” This is the confidence you need as a player: the manager can trust you. “

Speaking on the United website, Shaw said Soulskazar had allowed the kinship between himself and his players to blossom.

“We’re doing really well, and that’s the main thing: your relationship is very bad,

“I know he’s a manager, and we all have a lot of respect for him, but it’s also important to have a very nice relationship from the pitch sometimes if things aren’t too serious.”

Schick brought Louis van Gaal to Old Trafford in 2014, establishing himself in the first team under Dutchman, with Mourinho replacing him.

When Mourinho’s term ended in December 2018, two and a half years later, Soulskazar was the first to make the surprise surprise of resigning as interim boss.

There were fights along the way, but United have seen a clearly sharpened team since late January.

Soulskazar brings to the club the likes of Aaron One-Bisca, Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandez.

“I’ve seen a lot of change since I was at United and I have to say that Ole was responsible for a lot of improvements around the place.”

According to Shaw, the key to these improvements is signing players, not just with the technical skills to play for United, but a human quality that improves a squad.

“He’s signed people who are not only good players, but really good kids,” Shaw said. “They’ve really integrated into the team and brought some more strength and integration to the group.”