Here are ten reasons why Barcelona should keep them at No. 1


Changed 30 April 2020, 12:30 IST

Mark-Andre Ter Stegen“/>
Barcelona goalkeeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegen

Happy Birthday, Mark-Andre Ter Stegen – Europe’s top five-league most equipped goalkeeper in recent years.

Barcelona’s number one club and country have won 14 trophies (13 for Barারa and the Confederations Cup for Germany). No one has matched Borussia Montenegrbach since leaving Bluigrana in 1919 in 2014.

And yet, Ter Stegen’s future is uncertain. His contract expires in 2022 and the Catalan giants are already in an economic predicament before the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, it is unclear whether they will be able to agree to new terms with the player.

Ter Stegen has always been happy to be at Camp Nou, and when you look at the numbers, it is understandable for Barারa to try their best to tie him up.

Compared to Spain and the rest of Europe, we have passed the Opta archives and selected five key stats related to his performances in La Liga and the Champions League. These facts and figures extend to May 22, 2014 – the day Ter Stegen signed a Bara contract to be his first player – and only one defender has been included in the competition with at least 20 appearances.

For the first two years he was not the undisputed first choice and did not play a La Liga match until September 2015, the numbers are strong for him …

141 applications in Laliga:

– Only Jan Oblak (99) has a clearer sheet than Ter Stegen (58).

– No defender has made the most successful passes (3,453), and former teammate Claudio Bravo (62.4 percent) can beat Ter Stegen (72.2 percent) to pass the accuracy

– No more support from a defender (two, the same as Evan Queller and Antonio Adan). In fact, Ter Stegen was the first Barাa keeper to help the league this time around.

– Only three defenders (Oblak, Cueller and Sergio Asenzo) have saved more shots out of the box than Ter Stegen (156).

– Ter Stegen (0.92) has a better game rate than just three defenders (Alphonse Arela, Oblak and Bravo).

In 58 Champions League formats:

– No defender has kept a clearer sheet (2) than Ter Stegen or played more matches.

– No defender has saved more than Ter Stegen (156). Of these, four were from fines – only Andrei Paitov could match the list.

– Only Oblak ((66) saved more from shots from outside the box than Ter Stegen ((0)).

– No defender has passed more successfully than Ter Stegen (1,292). Only German opponent Manuel Neuer (61.1) has a better pass accuracy (80.9).

– Only Neuer (36) and Ederson (33) have acted as more accurate defenders than Ter Stegen (32).