How MS Dhoni’s brilliant strategy helped India defeat Pakistan


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 11:53 IST

Robin Uthappa took the bow after hitting the stumps during the bowl-out“/>
Robin Uthappa took the bow after hitting the stumps during the bowling out

Looking back on the 200-over T20 World Cup bound-out win against Pakistan, Robin Uthappa Former captain MS Dhoni is credited with that victory. Chat with Ish Sodhi The former Karnataka batsman revealed that role in a Royals podcast MS Dhoni India’s only bowling-out win.

Uthappa believes the former captain’s position behind the stumps made it much easier for the bowlers to hit the stumps, considering they only had to bowl to him to give him the best chance to hit the stumps.

“It simply came to our notice then. Looking at them out of the bowl you can tell they didn’t practice it. MS Dhoni did something different from what the Pakistani wicketkeeper did … The Pakistan wicketkeeper usually stood where the wicketkeeper was standing, he was not behind the stumps next to the stumps. MS Dhoni was right behind the stumps. And that made it so much easier. We just said MSK had to bowl us, and we gave the best chance to hit the wicket. Uthappa said that

“MS Dhoni reinforces my belief that I am going to hit the stumps”: Uthappa

Robin Uthappa also credited MS Dhoni for instilling more confidence in himself by agreeing to let him bowl out without any selection. When it became known that the ball would be out, Uthappa said that he let MS Dhoni go and his captain immediately agreed and added a day of confidence.

“When the bowling out actually happened, I went straight to MS Dhoni and said, ‘Brother, I was able to bowl.’ And he just said, ‘Of course well, great.’ And this kind of reinforced my belief that I was going to hit the stumps, ”Uthappa added.

Uthappa also spoke about the importance of winning that match as they have never lost to Pakistan in a previous World Cup match. This match was the closest that the Indian team lost to their neighbors.

India will win the bowling out, and the MS Dhoni-led side will have to win the T20 World Cup, beating Pakistan for the second time in the final of the tournament.