How to add your friends to Valerant?


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 12:13 IST


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Valorant Strategic first person shooter. The combination of teamwork, communication and in-game is incredibly important when it comes to winning games.

You can always login alone and try to dominate the servers with your fragile skills, but the unique skills you will no longer find in Valerant. If you’re serious about getting into the position of a valerian, who better to team up with than your best gaming buds instead of 4 strangers? Having your friends on your team will increase your coordination, but more importantly it will be extremely fun.

It also avoids the risk of getting hackers and trolls on your team. As you become more proficient in the basic mechanics of the game you will be able to create a lot of coordination with your peers.

But being associated with friends RiotIts new shooter can be rather confusing. If you are still one of the many but have not found the way yet, we will cover you.

How to add friends to Valerant

Method 1:


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After you log in to Valerant, you’ll find a plus sign near the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking the button will show a pop-up asking you to enter the riot ID and tagline of the player you want to add.

It is important to mention here that the player must have the correct riot ID to be added. You can view your account page to find your riot ID and tagline The official website of the riot. There, you can click on the tab to see both your ID and the tagline.

Method 2:

If you still have problems adding players to Valerant, you can always try and add your friend through Team of legends Client.

After you add players to the league client, you will see them available in their friends list after you login to Valerant again.