How to claim Apex Legend Prime Loot for Legendary Skins?


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 18:16 IST

Apex Legends Prime Exclusive Loot Athex Legends Twitch Prime Loot for Pathfinder“/>
Apex Legends Prime Exclusive Loot Apex Legends Twitch Prime Loot for Pathfinder

How To Claim Apex Legends Prime Loot For Exclusive Legend Skins

Pathfinder for Athex Legends Twitch Prime Loot“/>

The 5th season of Forex’s favorite Apex Legend is in full swing after its May 12 release. Players love the new changes to King’s Canyon despite the destruction of the map’s favorite school town area. Moreover, the game’s latest legend, Loba, has proven to be an instant fan-favorite, as a supporting character.

With each new season, an exclusive loot drop comes from Twitch Prime for its customers. It has unique legendary skins for your favorite legends. Last month, it unveiled a new and ultimate cool skin for Wright, known as “Void in Void”.

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Twitch drops regular quality Legendary skins for members of Prime Loot. It has become a must for any player who can not only win the game, but also win the legendary pantheon of costumes. It also adds a hint of the player being of higher caliber as it indicates that the player has been playing the game for some time now.

Note, you need to have a Twitch Prime subscription to claim exclusive Legendary skins. However, if you have an Amazon Prime account linked to your Twitch Prime, you can use it to claim a monthly loot drop.

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Legendary exclusive skin for Lobar until June 18.“/>
Legendary exclusive skin for lobster until June 18th.

This month, you can claim Wright’s Legendary Skin as well as the exclusive Legendary Skin for Lobar, which is the latest addition to the roster. The skin is called “Game Master” and it starts with the standard Loba Skin Player

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Apex Legend Twitch Prime Loot Site“/>
Apex Legend Twitch Prime Loot Site

Here’s how you can claim your Apex Legend Prime Loot:

  1. Go to the Apex Legend Twitch Prime Loot page Here.
  2. Sign in with your main account details.
  3. Take a look at the specific legendary skin you want to claim.
  4. Select the “Claim Now” option.
  5. You will be prompted to create a “link account to use the loot”. Do this by linking to your EA Origin account (PC) or your PSN account (PS4) or Xbox Live account (Xbox).
  6. Once connected, you will be asked for approval. Do it.
  7. Once successful, you will get the loot on your desired platform; PC, Xbox or PS4.

Every month the Apex legend Twitch Prime loots. So check back every month to claim your exclusive legend skin.

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