How to download Pagal Miramar APK on PUBG Mobile: Download the link


Retrieved 16 May 2020, 12:25 IST

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Update (Image Credit: Republic World)“/>
PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Update (Image Credit: Republic World)

The player base of PUBG Mobile continues to grow steadily and of course. As a result, the developers behind the game rolled out important new updates, such as Mad Mirama’s map, to keep the game fresh and keep the player base busy.

The developers have so far provided 13 action-packed seasons of content employed for the highly-sought-after player-base, and they have been very positively received.

PUBG Mobile: Mad Mirama’s map update

PUBG Mad Miramar“/>
PUBG Mad Miramar

The latest Mad Mirama map update has excited the player base who want to spend countless hours getting their hands on it and wiping out rival squads.

The new update brings a number of new and exciting changes to the PUBG game map. Here’s how you can download Mad Miramar APK on Android device.

Download link:

Mad Mirama’s update has several new additions to the map:

# 1: A new area called “The Ruins” in the northwest corner of the map.

# 2: An exciting new racetrack has been added to Mad Mirama’s map, bringing players to the battle of vehicles at higher speeds.

# 3: An all-SMG in the form of a tried and tested main P90 from other popular shooters. SurgerySurgery. With a 50-round magazine, SMG is able to cut opponents fairly quickly. It is a necessary tool for any player to deal with significant losses very quickly. Note that the P90 is available in game arena mode.

# 4: A new attachment called “Canted Site” has been added, this is a secondary opportunity. This would allow players to use two different scopes and toggle between them depending on the situation

# 5: A new Win94 weapon 2.7x scope has been added as well.

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The new update supports more aggressive gameplay. With the addition of new weapons, players can experiment with new playing styles and eventually adopt one that results in more wins and kills for the squad.

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