How Vince McMahon treats The Undertaker when he ‘hates’ WWE ideas


Revised 17 May 2020, 01:43 IST

The Undertaker and Vince McMahon“/>
The Undertaker and Vince McMahon

This was revealed by SmackDown Executive Director Bruce Pricard Vince McMahon Often changes The UndertakerMind you when the WWE veteran doesn’t like any idea for his character.

A new five-part series about the man behind ‘Taker Personality, Mark Calway’ on the WWE Network began last week. The upcoming episode focuses on the relationship between the 55-year-old and his boss, WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

Bruce Pricard, who has 21 years of work experience at WWE, asked him Sports Illustrated To express such a moment in the relationship between Undertaker and Vince McMahon

He reminded that The Undertaker had used him as a sounding board when he was “fired” before talking to McMahon, but subsequent meetings rarely went as planned.

“She is OK [The Undertaker] All shots must be fired, then the head must be shaken. You could say that, as soon as Vince started talking he would cast a spell on Taker. Will end the walk at the end of the meeting with Mark Vince, loving the idea that he liked to go

The relationship between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker

The Undertaker then mentioned in the next episode of The Undertaker: The Last Ride that Vince McMahon was “like a father” and “like a brother.”

As you can see above, sportscaster Gary Cassidy has a full recovery of everything you need to know from the episode, including information about Undertaker’s surgery and McMahon’s tears when he discusses one of his most iconic superstars.