I really miss football – Pogba is enjoying a return to the Premier League


Retrieved 08 May 2020, 04:14 IST

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Paul Pogba in action on behalf of Man UTD

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has been back in action since December due to injury and a coronavirus epidemic.

Professional sports in England still hold nationwide lockdown in the COVID-19 crisis

The Bundesliga is set to resume at the end of May, with discussions on whether it will be possible to resume the Premier League season, with League 1 and REDVC already ending their campaign.

When Pogba returned to fitness when the season was halted in March, only eight appearances for the post were limited for United, and the World Cup winner is going to be a bit of a surprise to return to the field.

“I really miss football,” Pogba told fashion designer Stella McCartney in an interview as part of Adidas’ ‘The Huddle’ series.

“I was injured, so I’ve been training by myself for about seven months now – when I was going back to the pitch, the coronavirus situation was created, so we stopped everything.

“I want to come back and of course do great. I’ve missed a lot of games, and I definitely want to be the best. So when I come back I want to be the best and there’s no excuse when I’m home.”

Pogba further told McCartney that he was becoming creative to stay fit during the lockdown.

“I was sitting at home. I made a small pitch in my house so I could train, it’s like a little mini-football where I’m playing with my son now, we’re just playing inside,” he added.

“We just get in there and there’s balls everywhere and you play my with my wife. Sometimes we even do yoga.”