“I think Tyrone Woodley will go there and tear Gilbert Burns to pieces.”


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 12:37 IST

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The Fight between Gilbert Burns and Tyrone Woodley The whole department got excited. This is easily one of the most exciting non-title bookings in a few months for the split. Stephen Thompson There are many welterweights who are focusing on the match.

In this Recent interviews, Thompson said he thinks Tyrone Burns will be torn to pieces.

“I think it’s definitely a better fight for Tyrone. I think Tyrone got a better strike than he did, I think he got a heavier hand. I think Tyrone will go there and tear him to pieces, because the guy is inspired again. I saw him during his last camp and I actually chatted with him and we did an Instagram live together and the guy was inspired. This guy I don’t want to stand against next and next fight. “

To be very honest, this is not a very bold prediction. Before lowering the belt Kamaru Usman In 1999, Woodley included four titles to defend his run with two wins against Great Tale, Damien Mia and Stephen Thompson. The claim that he has been removed has only made him more dangerous.

Stephen Thompson himself could not score a great run after coming back from Odley to fight back. Former lightweight champion Anthony Pattis from 2012-2002 is included in the upset. He can manage with back to back Victory against Vicente Luke But he still has a long way to go if he hopes to hold the belt.

The event, which takes place next weekend, has already created a lively conversation between Welterweight. Just as Stephen Thompson is routing for Woodley, so is Maine Chiasao routing for Burns. He is very recent Said, “I’m pulling him against Tyrone. I think, whatever it is, he and I are on the verge of a confrontation. We will fight one day. That would be fine. Until then, I’ll just go back to being a fan and I hope he wins. I hope he beats Woodley. That would be huge. It will be a big feather in his cap. “

This will give a much needed clarity on where the fight department is going. At the present moment where it appears that almost everyone has jumped for the title shot, the two will reveal in this fight who can claim the shot if they face the department’s main candidate together.

Stephen Thompson is not sure about returning to the Octagon

Stephen Thompson wasn’t supposed to face anyone until now, but it would be fun to see these two lock horns if Burns lost his fight against Woodley. He is, however, in a dilemma as to whether he wants to return to the octagon. Make an appearance on A ceremony, Stephen Thompson said, “South Carolina is full of grandparents It is full of older people and we have lots of kids in our school that are raised by grandparents, their grandparents take them, and they are in their 80s and 90s. So it’s something I never want to bring back to them because that’s the way things are going. Of course the warriors in me say yes if they take the right precautions. I want

Separately, Stephen Thompson has recently started sharing his thoughts on UFC cards on his YouTube channel.