Ibu appealed to the theme and praised one of the heroes of Venus Williams


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 04:42 IST

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Dominic theme is number three in the world

Venus Williams praised Ibbu as “my hero” after criticizing Dominic Thiem for speaking out against the lower-level Algerian tennis player Relief Fund.

Ins Ibbu, a 21-year-old from Algiers, asked Theme to acknowledge the inequalities of tennis and how some players are fighting on the broadline to keep their feet on the game.

Theme said last month that he would not donate to the fund promoted by Novak Djokovic. It has been touted as a way to help players in the rankings whose coronavirus crisis has reduced revenue.

Austria’s world number three said some players who “don’t give everything for the game” questioned why he should support a fund that could benefit these people.

Ibbu said his remarks “hurt to say the least”.

Once a committed junior who played Grand Slam girls events, Ibu is struggling to make a successful transition to the women’s tour as a result of injury and lack of support from Algeria as a reason for the rigorous exploration of making Great. .

However, she is the only female player in her country with a world ranking of 2020.

He pointed to this specialty of the theme, as one of the Europeans whose federation support and sponsors in “Magical World” allowed him to improve his career.

Ebu said in an Instagram video, “I was wondering what would change for me if I were part of your closed circle, sharing the same environment and rules?”

He added: “I wonder, Dominic, any coach who helps you on the tour, a personal trainer, a physiotherapist, a mental coach, a dedicated staff?”

He added: “Dear Dominic, like you, many share my reality.

“Just a reminder, it’s not because of your money that we’ve survived so far nobody and nobody asked you anything. The initiative was taken from liberal players who showed instant sympathy with an excellent touch. Champion at all costs. “

He described the Cavid-19 crisis as “what people are really expressing.”

“Dominic, I told you we didn’t want anything from you,” Ibbu said.

“Except for some respect for our sacrifice. Players like you keep me dreaming. Please don’t ruin it.”

Five-time Wimbledon champion Williams replied, “You are my hero,” to which Ibbu replied: “You have always been mine, and now you are much more than me. Thank you very much.”

Australian philosopher Nick Kyrgias, who is the ATP’s rival in the theme, told Ibbo: “Respect. Keep you up !! I’m always ready to support.”