If he beats Dominic Cruz at UFC 249, Henry Sejudo will have to fight Alexander Volkanowski for “triple champ” status.


Retrieved 07 May 2020, 23:56 IST

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Henry Sejudo

The UFC Bantamweight Champion is reigning Henry Sejudo Confident about defeating the former champion Dominic Cruz UFC 249A and his plans for the future have all been sorted out and include shots titled UFC Featherweight. If he is able to win the featherweight title, Sejedo will become the first person in UFC history to become a “triple champ”, having already won the flyweight and bantamweight titles.

Sejudo was first booked for the fight Jose Aldo The ongoing coronavirus epidemic in the northeastern city of Rio de Janeiro in UFC 250 gave birth to international travel restrictions, barring Brazilians from traveling to the United States for the time being. The UFC had a chance to fight veteran Cruz Sejudo and reclaim what he once had.

During a UFC 249 media conference on Tuesday, Sejudo unveiled plans to defeat Cruz on May 9 and then defend the title against former featherweight champion Aldo; The post he wants to throw Alexander Volkanovsky For the Featherweight title. For his next title defense.

“I told Uncle Dana [White] After I hit ‘Dominic’ I’ll be stumping on Jose Baldo’s toes. Then, Alexander Volkanovsky, that extra-grown midge, he then.

“Wait in line,” Sejudo tells the Bantamweight Challengers

UFC Bantamweights Alzheimer’s Sterling, Peter Ian and Corey Sandhajan have all claimed cracks in the Sijudo title in the past and should have been gradually ahead of Cruz in terms of rankings. However, Sejudo has his way, believing that all three of them must “wait in line” and pick up a few wins before challenging him for the title.

“I tell them to wait for their opportunity. Wait for their king to tell them to bend their knees. Aljamin Sterling The guy I dropped out of. Waiting in line. Then Peter Ian, you can’t beat any 41 year old (Uriza Faber) and expect to get the title shot. It’s just ridiculous. I’d rather fight someone who hasn’t fought like Dominic in four years.