If the public resumes working, why should footballers not? – Nantes is hoping for a major comeback


Modified April 19, 2020, 00:34 IST

Nantes President Waldemar Kita

Nantes president Waldemar Kita is optimistic that the Ligue 1 season will resume “in two months,” and that the rest of the public has seen no reason to refrain from working “underrated” footballers if they return to their duties.

France Professional Football implemented a lockdown system to combat the coronavirus epidemic on March 17, with a break four days ago.

While voting for the season has been neglected as an option, the fate of the campaign remains a controversial topic, according to Bernard Cazajo, the union’s president representing the Ligue 1 club.

As the country sees the rise in COVID-19 cases, President Emanuel Macron increased the lockdown earlier this month, May 11.

And if that date coincides with the public returning to work again, Kita has seen no reason not to pursue a football case.

He told Le Parisien, “Even though it’s been a month or two, I believe it’s time for life to begin again.” I have always felt that intellectually, mentally and financially, people had to work, but I think those who didn’t have the money and Who will soon be obliged.

“Some people have to get up at 5am and get back to work, earning € 1,200 while enjoying minimal protection with the metro. Why not have a footballer, surrounded by all the necessary health precautions, come back to work? Because he’s right and he’s in his bubble. Live? “

Kita also believes that even the backdrop of football will affect the morale of the country.

“We are in perfect financial health,” he added. “If I only think about the economic side of it, I would say that I will lose a lot of revenue because of the closed door, but matches are essential first to close the door to protect the players and our visitors.

“We have to look for our activities and lives in our country and have a part in football. Even watching a match on TV can play a role in returning to this life and giving people a bit of morale after this tragedy.”