I’m rejecting Southgate’s Traptony


Changed 22 Apr 2020, 17:04 IST

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England manager Gareth Southgate

Massimo Macaron regrets Giovanni Trapatney’s refusal to work with Gareth Southgate, describing the current England manager as “a big deal, no truth”.

Former Italy striker McCarron spent four years as a Southgate teammate at Middlesbrough before playing the final six months at Riverside Stadium under the former captain.

McCarron found himself favorable under former boss Steve McLaren, but was forced to stay when Southgate took over before the 20g-07 season.

But McCarron made just one Premier League start and seven top-flight appearances before leaving for Siena in the January transfer window.

Southgate, who oversaw Boro’s reign in the campaign of 0-1, has received a lot of praise for his work with England, which won the World Cup semifinal in Russia in the World Cup.

Macaron, however, was frustrated with his own personal treatment.

“I played with him the last seasons of his career and as a player he was always right, kind, humble,” he tells Stats Performance.

“Although I don’t like what he did to me as a director, I have already had some quarrel with his predecessor, Steve McLaren, who has handled England when I reacted to him and then in the dark I realized I was. I did something wrong myself.

“But not with Southgate, who talked to me a lot about being in Middlesboro, promising that I would play a lot, since he knew what happened to me earlier in the season.

“However, we scored seven points in the first six games, but nothing. No big deal.”

If things could have played out differently, McCarron could have played for Salzburg under Trapattoni, who made his debut in Italy.

He added, “When I was in England he was operating in Salzburg, Austria.

“He called me a month to convince me to join him but I had a one-year contract with Middlesbrough and I wanted to prove myself there after a negative season despite some sparks in the UEFA Cup.

“So when Traptoni fulfilled his dream of playing for Italy, I was with Southgate in Middlesbrough.”

Asked if he was being regretted about the decision now, Macron replied: “Yeah.

“But Southgate was my teammate and captain for four years. He kept telling me, ‘Why I don’t understand. [McLaren] Don’t let you play ‘but he spent my career in the borough when he became a manager.

“I didn’t tell Traptoni for Southgate but I should have done the opposite.”