Impossible to give a date for return to Serie A – Spadaphora


Changed 07 May 2020, 05:56 IST

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Italy’s state minister for sports, Vincenzo Spadaphora, said it was “impossible to give a date” for Serie A’s return to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Serie A has been suspended from March due to the COVID-19 crisis, although most teams are returning to individual training this week.

Spadafora had previously reiterated that despite the government allowing players to return to club facilities, team training would not resume before 18 May.

Germany’s Bundesliga will begin its 2019-20 campaign in late May, Spadafora said on Wednesday: ” [Italian Football Federation] FIGC has proposed a protocol, which will be evaluated by the technical-scientific committee tomorrow [Thursday].

“We hope the green light can be given, even football is a game where there is no possibility of avoiding contact and the use of protective equipment has not been imagined.

“In the last few days, even organized fans have condemned the idea of ​​resuming the campaign.

“I refer to Europe, where the only specific dates given came from the countries that decided to close their asons. Even England, which seemed to be the easiest, postponed the decision to resume training just a week ago.

“I repeat my position, which also applies to the government: we hope the season will start again soon, but it is impossible to give a date now. We have to see how the contagious curve develops in the next two weeks.”

Defending champions Juventus had a point clear in Lazio through two matches when the March was postponed.