In Barcelona, ​​I re-signed with Neymar


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 05:16 IST

Neymar while in Barcelona

Former Barcelona president Sandro Rozelle has said he will sign Neymar “again without doubt” to the Laliga Giants.

Rozell Bar্সa signed the club with Santor Neymar on 27 before the Brazil international played in Spain’s four seasons.

The forward put $ 222 million in August 2017 for the world record for Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, though he has been linked with a regular comeback since then.

Rozell said he would not hesitate to bring this 28-year-old child back to Camp Nou.

“I will undoubtedly sign with Neymar,” he told Mundo Deportivo.

In his four seasons at the club, Neymar scored 105 goals for Barcelona, ​​though he scored 18 of 22 for PSG before the campaign was postponed due to a coronary virus epidemic.