Interesting Reasons Why Vince McMahon’s Office WWW Money in the Bank Won’t Lose


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 11:24 IST

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Vince is not happy

Tonight was the most unique presentation in the Money in Bank PPV WWE. Two Money in the Ladder matches were held inside the WWE headquarters, paving the way for all participants, starting from the ground floor to the roof.

The superstars weren’t ashamed to destroy everything they saw on their way, but fans probably noticed that Vince McMahon’s office was inundated during the match. Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder is a bit far from the match AJ Styles And Daniel Bryan Hitting each other without finishing sight. The two entered Vince’s office and when they realized that Head-Hancho was there, they stopped the unrest.

Vince McMahon yelled at the two of them, saying they had to come out. Both Brian and Style left the spot, returned to fix the chairs, and left with the back door closed. Vince went back to work with some hand sanitizer in his hand.

Paul Davis Off WrestlingNewsCo Now, as the source reports, a writer has suggested the superstars be involved in the fight inside Vince’s office. The boss did not agree with the idea of ​​his office becoming rubbish. Most importantly, Vince didn’t want anyone near the dinosaur bones displayed on his wall.

Money of 2020 has not disappointed the WWE Universe

Money in the Bank’s PPVT was well received from the WWE Universe if the social media response to the show was anything to go by. The WWE chairman confirmed the move was not linked to the destruction of his office, yet the superstars turned the rest of the place into a garbage dump as they reached their peak.

In the end, AJ Styles and King Corbin climbed the stairs to see what it looked like to win a briefcase between them. In a surprising turn of events, Elias attacked Corbin and left with a briefcase. Otis AJ stumbled like that. The heavy equipment member now has a briefcase, and a chance to match the title somewhere under the line.