Invincible Arsenal, Zidane’s brilliance and Iverson’s MVP honor


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 11:30 IST

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Thierry Henry against Leicester City in 2004

Arsenal completed a notable feat on May 15, 2004.

This is the day that 16 years ago Gunners Vintage secured its ‘indomitable’ tag and ended the Premier League campaign unbeaten.

Real Madrid – inspired by Zinedine Zidane – and Manchester United also have fond memories of this May-May date, with each ceiling continental silver medal in 2002 and 1991, respectively.

And in the NBA, Allen Iverson claimed a significant personal honor 19 years ago.

Here are the sports highlights from this day in history …

2004 – Arsenal become ‘indomitable’

After drawing at Tottenham in late April to win the title on Enemy Ground, Arsene Wenger’s men arrived on the final day with an uninterrupted top-flight record.

There were more visitors to Leicester City Highbury than to become the poopers of the final party.

When Paul Dickov put Fox ahead, the real fear was that the hosts would face the final hurdle.

Thierry Henry equalized from the penalty spot and Patrick Vieira secured the win as Arsenal advanced to the unbeaten Premier League.

2002 – Zidane’s brilliance brings Real Madrid glory

On this day in 2002, Zidane took the stage at the Hampden Park Champions League final in Glasgow.

From inside the box, the Frenchman’s great volley proved to be the only goal in the 2-1 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

When Roberto Carlos threw an optimistic ball into the area, Zidane positioned himself under him and skillfully hit a sweet left-footer at home.

Zidane’s stunning finish is considered one of the greatest Champions League goals of all time.

2001 – Iverson is renamed NBA MVP

Everson followed in the footsteps of a glorious legend with the statistics he posted in 2001 to win the NBA MVP.

He led the NBA (31.1 points per game) and the Steeles (2.21 per game), topping both charts after Michael Jordan in 1992-93.

The vote has become a simple matter, with Philadelphia Ers 76-year-old San Antonio Spurs ’Tim Duncan and Los Angeles Lakers star Shakil O’Neill getting 93 of the 124 possible first-place votes ahead.

Everson became the first 76 player to be crowned MVP since 1983 after Moshi Malone achieved this feat.

1991 – Man Wood knocks Barcelona down in the European Cup Winners’ Cup final

Mark Hughes scored twice in Rotterdam as Manchester United won the European silver medal for the first time, beating Barcelona 2-1.

Following the club’s success in the 1968 European Cup, United won a continental competition.

It was the first such tournament for English clubs since the ban came into effect after the Hazel disaster.

Ronald Koeman scored Bar্সa’s consolation goal after Alex Ferguson got an over against the opposite number Johan Cruyff.