Is Bayern still great among goalkeeping elites?

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is set for three more seasons at Bayern Munich after extending his contract until 2023.

Germany International has established itself as one of the greats of the modern era and is well on its way to winning its eighth consecutive Bundesliga title.

The 34-year-old has also counted the 2012-1-13 Champions League and 2014 World Cup as part of his career honors, but the recent season has raised questions about whether he has been the same silent operator in the glorious days of the decade.

Schalke suggested the pending arrival of Alexander Nubel suggested that Bayern were keen to insure themselves against any form from their club captain in the coming years, so it felt like a good time to ask – is Neura still considered an elite goalkeeper more widely regarded than his contemporaries? At the top of their trade?

Heading backwards from the right direction

Neuer, who won 2-0 at Union Berlin on Sunday, picked up the clean sheet of his 11th Bundesliga season.

With the exception of the 201-18-1-18 campaign, when injuries prevented him from getting out of the top three flights, he doubled the annual shutouts of his senior career – from 200 to 07 when he won 13 of 227 matches against former club Schalke. .

However, after stopping four of his five shots for most of Bayern’s day, Neuer’s save percentage dropped to 59.7 last season, while his 23 goals surpassed Optar’s expected target of 20.1 (XGOT).

The XGOT gives an indication of how many goals to score depending on the quality of the goalkeeper’s face shot.

With this term, Neuer once again has this number in the correct order. Although Schalke has 26 of his highest personalities in the Bundesliga since his last season (a total of 44 in 2010-11), his XGOT number is 29.5 and his overall reserve percentage is back at a more respectable 70.1.

Is Steering Stasin pressing a lawsuit for a dead manshaft?

From Germany’s number one spot for the best part of a decade, Newer has seen Barcelona’s Mark-Andre Ter Stegen make an increasingly strong case for a place in the national team.

The frustration combined with New’s fitness frustration took part in the 2018 World Cup performance, when Ter Stegen argued that he had established himself as Bar সবচেয়েa’s most important player, not the name of Lionel Messi.

In this campaign, Neuer is statistically performing his German rival. Ter Stegen has conceded 29 times by reading the XGOT 29 times, and he has managed eight clean sheets from 2 La Liga matches.

Last season, Ter Stegen made the effort for a very impressive lesson, but conceded 1 clean sheet and 32 goals in 35 top-flight matches.

His XGOT rose to 38.3 and his saving percentage was 72.7 – which is now better than 65.5.

Both men have shown themselves to be subtle advocates of the modern art of keeping sweepers, although of late Neuer has been more active in this regard. According to Opter, Ter Stegen has had five “keeper sweepings” to his name in each of the last two seasons, with Newer not having and 17.

Pack top leader Oblak

Beyond Germany’s number one and two goalkeepers, there is a clear standout performer.

Atletico Madrid’s Vachuoso display at Anfield by Jane Oblak was enough to inspire any enthusiast in the tumultuous months between the end of Liverpool’s Champions League defense in March.

Such national heroism is not uncommon for the Slovenian star, who conceded 27 goals in 2018-19 despite an XGOT number of 40.3.

Oblak finished last season with 20 clean sheets, a New Year back-to-back campaign in Bayern 2014-1-16 and 2011-16-1 campaigns. Notably, there were 24 shutouts in the league after Obalak (and a surviving percentage of 81.8), while he collected 22 in 2017-18.

This time around, he has 11 and for the first time in his Athletic career, his conservation ratio is below 755 percent and the XGOT has met 21 targets compared to achieving 22.3 par.

Obalak’s two keeper sweepings in 2012-20 have enhanced his reputation as an “old school” goalkeeper rather than accustomed to campaigning from his “penalty zone”.

DGA is coming from his peak

Manchester United’s David de Gea is a player who will be seen as opposed to a new wave of inter-player players, although his curiosity has led Spain to face similar questions from Neuer over the past few seasons. .

If United’s second-place finish in the 2017-18 Premier League is one of Finis Jose Mourinho’s best achievements, it certainly belongs to De Gea. He saved more than 80 percent of the shots and conceded 26 times in 3 clean matches and kept 16 clean sheets.

De Gea has already removed some more in 2019-20 (30), while he sent 54 in the increasingly defective 2018-19. However, it is probably a case of not being able to return from such an average in terms of performance and leave some continuing trap in front of him.

Over the past two seasons, read United’s expected goals against opponents (XG) – 51.2 and 30.2, based on the potential of the opposition.

Safe hand on the back of KLOPP’s machine

Liverpool have transformed from a great entertainer to a relentless winning machine since Alison came from Roma in 2018, showing Adrian’s reputation against Atletico in European competition as an uncomfortable memory of the Reds’ recent past.

Able to build from behind, the 59-year-old Brazilian number one player has cleared 29 defenders in his Premier League career, as well as working well on the old clean sheet currency, with 31 in the competition.

Undoubtedly protected by a defense led by Virgil Van Dijk, Alison is reliable when called. Its 2019-20 save ratio.4 to 77.1 percent to 60.4 to

Last season, he out-performed his xGOT with 22.5, although the 11 recognized in 2019-20 are staggeringly slightly higher than the 9.7 xGOT.

That number dropped from an XG to 1.5.5, which Ellison suggested – who missed the first half of the season due to a calf injury – also benefited from an unnecessary finish by opponents on their way to the Liverpool title.