Is Man Utd better now than 25-5?

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David Moyes (L) and Ole Gunnar SoulSquare

On this day seven years ago, Manchester United secured their 20th top flight title in Alex Ferguson’s final season in England.

Robin van Persie’s magical hat-trick at Old Trafford led to a 3-0 win over Aston Villa and confirmed that the Premier League trophy would be a draw for Manchester City.

In late 2012, Ferguson was replaced by ‘The Chase One’, who watched 34 league games before being eliminated in ruthless form after being defeated by old club Everton in flawless fashion on a six-year contract.

There have been many ups and downs under Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar’s SoulSquare, but the coronavirus epidemic was a symptom of United returning to the fold before football was stopped.

Nevertheless, Opta data shows Moyes United is not so different in the series 0-2-14 and Salskajar’s 2019-20 …

Points to prove

United played 29 term The word won the game before Tutti stopped 12, Drawing No And lose Eight. That leaves them on 45 Points, on average 1.55 Points per game.

Moyes lost 11 Her 34 League games in charge, but he won half of it – 17 – And average 1.68 Points per game. This number is nearby FergusonWho won in 212-5 28 And lose only Five The league accepted, matched all season 2.34 On average, points from each game.

For good measure, Ryan won the gig Two Her Four The average as a charge after Moyes’s departure is on average 1.75 Points per game. One of his defeats came to Sunderland.

OLE is being built

Soulskazar is happy to oblige the demand for a United fan base when attacking football – but less than Moyes, perhaps.

With 44 By earning this rank, United is on average 1.5 Per game, less than every goal 1.65 In 2013-14, when the score was in favor of Moyes 56 Bar 34 Games.

This is not for the need to try. United have tried in 2019-20 429 Shot, on average 14.8 Every game, a bigger number than that 13.4 They already have more shots on target this season under Moyes (166) They did it under Moise (161), Despite playing less than five games. In fact, their average 5.7 Target shots per match are better than this 5.6 The final season of Ferguson is recorded.

So, why is goalkeeping a problem? Well, SoulSquare’s men have only transformed this season 10.3 percent Shot them. Under Moyes, this was the rate 12,25, And it was 15.3 In 2012-13.

Not surprisingly, Soulskazar asked his strikers to do some extra practice during lockdown.

Harry is behind him

One of the things that is sometimes overlooked about Salsquager United is that they are getting more and more powerful.

Connected 40 Moise’s goal 34 Games Incharge – That 1.2 per match. In 2019-20, this number stands slightly higher One per game. They left Eight Clear this word Four By the rhythm of Moyes

United have faced an average this season 10.45 shots per gameWell, down 12.3 Under Moyes and 12.8 In Ferguson’s final term, when a hanging defense was usually bailed out by a Van Persie-inspired forward line. Shots-target numbers also look a bit better: Soulskazar’s side face off 3.6 per game This season, on average, is lower than the figures under Moyes and Ferguson (3.9).

United’s possession has reached a standstill compared to 20-21 and 202-6 – 54 On average, the percentages 55 And 56 – Show that the shots don’t have to stop them from coming in. The center is probably hoping for a team that can take center 80 million man Harry Maguire to center-back.

Big-Six Appeal

The numbers indicate that there is not much to split SoulSquare in 2019-20 and Moyes in 2013-14 – but why is Scots season such a painful memory for fans, even though the current boss has enough support?

One of the reasons for this is their unique record against the Premier League’s so-called ‘Big Six’, which is not a happy read for Moyes.

Inside 10 The games, Moyes did just fine One A win against these opponents – Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford in November. He suffered Six Defeat, scoring Six Aim and satisfy 18Six of which were lost to Liverpool and Manchester City at home 3-0.

In the meantime, Soulskazer has some designs for beating big guns. United have won this season Five And just lost Two Them No Big six meetings, scoring 14 Aim and satisfy Eight. That is the percentage of wins 55.6 percent When United win, Ferguson is better than last season in charge Five From 10Missing Three, Score 17 And accept 15.


It seems that the United States is a bit better at defending and worse at attacking now than it was under Moyes but, in terms of shot conversion deficits under Soulskire, the signs show they are creating enough chances to score more goals and only need a cool top to increase these key numbers. Rumors have been circulating about Harry Kane

If they can get a little more ruthless and hold on to their great record against the strong sides, United will move on to a better time under Soulskazar look.