It is also certain that Liberty Media will save the F1 team financially


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 17:20 IST

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Christian Horner is the Red Bull team’s president

Christian Horner, the Principal of the Red Bull team, has no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic will provide Formula One financial support to the necessary teams if the race is stopped in 2021.

The new season was supposed to start in Australia in March, but McLaren was postponed after a positive test for their team member, COVID-1, which was canceled.

Further suspension, the cancellation of the Monaco Grand Prix means that the campaign is expected to begin in France in June, though the event is in doubt due to a government order against the public.

With a major earnings source drying up, the F1 authorities have cut salaries and left about half of their staff in furlough, while Renault, McLaren, Williams, Racing Point and Hawes have used the UK government’s job retention scheme.

The financial pressure will increase as the suspension continues, but Horner’s confident F1 owners Liberty Media will take steps to make sure teams are on the grid again next year.

“It can be a serious push and at that moment the promoter has to make a decision,” Horner told The Observer.

“It’s their business, they have to decide how they saved these teams because they need teams to compete in the race. The Liberty guys will do everything they can to make sure next year’s 10 teams are on the grid and out of competition.

“In order to protect their own business, I believe they will help facilitate payments to ensure that they have a chance to compete next year.”

The budget cap has argued – setting $ 175 million for 2021 – a significant reduction, but Horner believes a short-term outlook and re-introduction of consumer cars could be better at leveling the playing field.

“The teams are competitive beasts; of course they want to use a corner. The hat is not about money, but about competition.”

“It’s about trying to take the top teams to a point where midfield teams feel they can compete. The reality is, regardless of the level of spending, there will always be teams in the front and running teams in the back.

“Especially for smaller parties if we were really serious about reducing costs, I would have been in favor of providing a complete customer car for the next two years.

“The small teams will not require any research and development [research and development]. They will run just as a racing team and they will greatly reduce their spending. “

He added: “With modern 3D photographic technology, all teams are trying to copy each other’s cars anyway. Times change, things move. Years ago F1 was a customer car. You buy cars from March or Ferrari. Get on and go racing

“We just need to think outside the box instead of hitting the numbers.

“If it was about saving these small teams and increasing their competitiveness, it would be very difficult to argue against the logic of being able to take a small team customer car.”