‘It’s not just another game’ – Langrake and Reviderbi


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 11:31 IST

Schalke and Borussia Dortmund during the Reward duo this season

“I remember saying to some fans, ‘It doesn’t matter if we’re at the Bundesliga until we beat Shaw.’

One of the fiercest rivals in Boercia Dortmund and Schalke in Riviera football is the black-and-yellow and the Royal Blue Ruh separating the cities of Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen in the region.

Wild fans, flames, typhoons, goals, arrogant rights (Schalke edge Dortmund 60-52 for an all-time victory) and much more – these are among the famous derbies. So, it is fitting that Reviarderby will bring the Bundesliga back to life in the Carnavirus epidemic on Saturday.

Second-placed Dortmund will welcome a bitter rival and sixth-ranked Shaw at Iduna Park behind closed doors in the first game of the league after the 2019-20 season was postponed in March due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“It’s a game for Dortmund and Schalke fans, it’s bigger than Dortmund and Bayern, it’s bigger than anything,” former Dortmund goalkeeper Mitch Lanzark told Jones.

“I remember saying to some fans, ‘We don’t care until we get to the Bunchesliga, until we hit the shawl.’ This is the biggest issue.

“You see the build up, you hear stories about what happened in the past years

“It’s probably the most watched on TV of all time because you have 60,000 people who usually ram at the stadium, they can’t go. It’s going to be a huge game and I can’t wait.”

Reviarderby will take center stage at home and abroad, as is often the case. Schalke and Dortmund played a goalless draw in October, but the reflection match carried extra weight at this point after the coronavirus outbreak.

Ligue 1 and Eredivisie have decided to cancel their asons, returning to the Bundesliga as the Premier League, trying to restart Serie A and La Liga.

However, the 156th Revierderby will stand alone compared to the previous installment, with no fans allowed at Westfalenstadion this weekend.

“Now players on both sides know very well what that game means to everyone,” said Australia international Langrack, who now plays for JLH’s Nagoya Grampus. “It’s not just another game in Germany. The players will understand but without the fans it will feel completely different.

“You wouldn’t say there would be less fire in the game, it could be a bit more tactical or the players might be a little calmer in certain situations.

“For example, if someone is chasing the game for 10 minutes and the fans are tidying up their tails, when something happens that is going to disappear, players will realize it’s crazy time and they can adjust their desires as much as they can.”

After being knocked out of the Australian club Melbourne Victory in 2010 and getting a place in Dortmund’s first team, Langrack experienced a fair share of his Riviarderby clash.

The 31-year-old has been involved in 11 showdowns against Schalke before leaving Dortmund in 2011 – a brace on Shinji Kagwa after a 3-1 win over Die Kগnigsblয়েven in 2010.

“I wasn’t lucky enough to play in one of these games but the first was Shaw and I think Kagawa scored two goals,” said Langrack – a DFB-Pokal and two-time DFL-Supercrop winner with Dortmund to go with him to the 2012-13 Champions League runner-up. Up Medal – Added. “Huge game. I remember we got on the bus back to Dortmund in Schalke. When we got back to Dortmund, when we got in our car at the training ground there were a lot of fans – there was an explosion, it was the biggest. Party.

“We were obviously stuck on the bus for 30 minutes when the fans were celebrating for us. Then you get off the bus and you just can’t get in your car because they were blocking our car. They were just dancing around our cars, there were flames and songs.” At the moment, everyone associated with Dortmund is a hero for next week.