Jack Roberts has revealed how he is suffering due to attending AWD

  • Jack Roberts had to suffer the consequences of his AWW appearance.
  • Roberts revealed his client as Lance Archer at AAU Dynamite.


Modified 09 Apr 2020, 05:16 IST

Jack ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Jack ‘The Snake’ Roberts recently attended AAW, where he introduced his client, Lance Archer. Unfortunately, when he made his first appearance, the coronavirus epidemic was becoming a very real problem. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Jack Roberts It was revealed that he was now suffering because of his stubbornness to help Au and attend their program.

Jack Roberts reveals his persistent self-isolation situation

During his interview, Jack Roberts revealed that he was separated in his Atlanta hotel room and that he would be there for at least three or four weeks. He revealed that he was living with the Diamond Dallas page, and he told Roberts that he would no longer be allowed in the middle of the epidemic to shoot for the avenue. There was a kid in the house of the WCW legend and it was hard to keep things safe and healthy.

“I used to live with Dallas [DDP] And he was one of the first people to say that you can’t come back if you leave. Well, Auuu wanted me to come out so I went but I couldn’t go back home to Dallas. She had a baby at home and no one needed to get sick around the baby. He took the hard line and said, ‘Friend, you can’t go back if you leave.’

There was a DDP that helped Roberts overcome his demons because the legend didn’t do well, and he introduced him to DDP Yoga. After that, due to declining health, Roberts has been best friends with DDP for his life-saving credit.

Roberts has revealed that he had to take it down for AAU because he wanted to help promote the new campaign, but he admits he was suffering for it now. He went on to say that he had upgraded to a larger room and prevented his first instinct to set up a gym at home with more equipment.

“I had to do it for AoU because I want to help these boys. Now I’m paying for a brother.”

Fans were naturally worried about Roberts’ mental health after seeing his previous problems as he was left alone in a hotel room. Roberts had previously admitted that he was having difficulty even being alone.

However, thankfully Lance Archer and others are finding out that he is fine.

Hopefully, this time is not a problem and it is time for everyone involved.

Published 09 Apr 2020, 05:16 IST

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