Jack Ryder says he was a WWW cockroach


06 May 2020, 18:37 IST changed

To quote Destiny’s child, Jack Ryder was a survivor (peak source: WWE)

Jack Ryder Had a long career WWE’s Before leaving him last month. It’s hard to say that Long Island Iced Z has been with the WWE for more than a decade and has achieved wrestling success with most of his support from the company.

Jack Ryder ‘grateful’ for his time at WWE

In an interview with Chris Van Vallett, he said he was grateful for his time with the company and that he expected his release from the company. When he first started people were going back and forth all the time, and it was ‘drowning or swimming’.

Jack Ryder said many people didn’t even get a ‘first’ chance. He also recalled the time when he and Kurt Hawkins had just finished with Edgeheads’ storyline and said:

“They dropped the new program and Hawkins and I weren’t on it. Oh no! We’re going to be fired. But I always think..I call myself a WWW cockroach. You know? Cut it all … I’ve always skipped this time. Created. “

You can watch the segment at 8:00 in the video below

Jack Ryder also said he’s still part of the business, and at 34, he hasn’t hit Prime yet.

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