Jadevan clone has blown the risk of injury, Seattle’s expectations


06 May 2020, 12:30 IST changed

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Jadevan Clooney

Jadevaon Klonei said potential lawsuits would not be dropped in his injury history because the free agent is waiting to sign with an NFL team for 2020.

The 2-year-old defensive end, a three-time pro bowler, is one of the high-profile free agents to remain signed after last month’s NFL draft.

However, in his six seasons in the league he has played all 16 games in just one campaign and it is thought they want about 17 17 million a season, leaving teams to sign Clooney until they get a medical check.

This is currently difficult due to the lockdowns imposed by the coronavirus epidemic, yet Clooney has assured the franchisees that he will get better once the offseason camp begins.

“I don’t know people think I’m hurting because of what I did for the root cause [injury] Or cause [of injuries] In previous years, ”he told Fox 26.

“But I just want to let people know I’m ready, and I’ll be ready to go whenever the time comes.

“I’ve got a few [offers], But for me the process is only taking my time considering my options.

“I’m in no hurry at the moment. I know what’s going on in the world right now, with coronavirus and everything, the teams really can’t see me and not see what I’ve got and it’s a slow process until they give me the physical and everything.

“So I’m not in a hurry. I’m just waiting for the right opportunity and the right time for me.”

Clooney, the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, was traded to the Seattle Seahawks last year and is expected to reunite with the NFC West franchise.

The feeling that Clooney has fond memories of his years in Seattle is reciprocal.

“I love Seattle,” he said.

“I love everyone on the coaching staff. I won’t do business with these guys. I hope we can do something.”

Clooney has been linked with the Cleveland Browns.

He had 32 sacks in six seasons in the NFL, including three last year with the Seahawks.