Jaguar’s Shopping Fournet – Report


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 05:38 IST

Leonard Fournette

On Saturday, ESPN reported that the Jaguars in Jacksonville held talks with multiple teams over the return trade to Leonard Fournette.

The news came just days before the NFL Draft on Thursday, and the Jaguars will likely want to sign a deal sooner and accept some draft capital in exchange for the fourth overall pick of the 27 draft.

Jacksonville already has a total of 12 picks in the upcoming draft, including an extra first-round pick from trading cornerback Jalen Ramsay to the Los Angeles Rams.

Fournette is entering the fourth season of his rookie contract and $ 4.16 million in base salary for the upcoming promotion.

The LSU product got a little heated last week for the former Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2015 MVP Cam Newton, a free agent, to publicly sign the Jaguars. The Jacksonville Chicago Bears started their offseason by voting confidently with incumbent starter Gardner Minsch, traded by Nick Foles.

After deleting a picture of herself and Newton on Instagram, Fournette doubled down on her desire to play with Newton when she appeared on ESPN’s First Tech on Friday.

“Cam went to the Super Bowl,” Fournette said. “He’s a great guy. I’ve been learning about Cam for a minute now, and like some people I’ve talked to, it’s no disrespect. [Gardner Minshew]. I’m trying to be in the best position as a team as much as I can [to] Win. It was just a friendly competition because it brought out the best in people “”.

Fournette started six games last season and posted career highs with 1,212 rushing yards, 76 receptions and 522 receiving yards while posting a career-best 4.0 yards, but the field last season was found three times for the 6-10 Jaguars. .