Jason, Ronaldo and Maradona – Messi is the greatest in sports


Retrieved 19 May 2020, 18:12 IST

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Barcelona captain Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi played “different football to others” and surpassed Brazilian great Ronaldo and even American basketball superstar Michael Jordan in the sports pantheon, Robert Prosinski said.

Barcelona and Argentina’s Astana Messi is “the best” footballer of all time, claims Real Madrid and Barcelona playmaker Prosineki.

Messini, who has scored more than 60,000 goals for Barcelona, ​​is still at the top of the camp when considering the career of the Chicago Bulls legend and six-time NBA champion Jordan, Prosinski said in an interview with Status Performance News.

“It’s different, basketball and football. But Messi is definitely the best for me,” Prosineki said.

“He is a player who has created controversy in Barcelona for many years. He has won everything he can. He has scored many goals and assisted many times. He plays different football to others.”

Former Croatian midfielder Maradona Prasinicki knows little while still judging the Giants, Messi’s teammate Argentina is looking at Maradona as well as two-time World Cup winner Ronaldo.

Prosinichki and Ronaldo were briefly teammates at Camp Nou.

“Maybe some people will say Maradona, Ronaldo … I don’t know,” Prosineki said. “There are amazing players out there. They are from two different eras. For me he is [Messi] “The best.”

According to Prosinski’s verdict, Messi and Brazilian Ronaldo are the only players who have shown the ability and willingness to fight the team alone.

“They are different from the others. Ronaldo is definitely one of the best,” Prosineki said.

“Some people would say Cristiano Ronaldo, but [Brazilian Ronaldo] Didn’t just play in Barcelona.

“He also had some great asons at Inter. He almost beat rivals on his own. Incredible. They are players who make a difference. Where did he not perform at Real Madrid?”

“Of course he was a great player. But if I have to say something, Leo Messi is the best for me.”