Jets have reaffirmed their position on Jamal Adams amid GM trade rumors


Modified April 20, 2020, 23:24 IST

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Jamal Adams

Joe Douglas is still planning to sign Jamal Adams to a long-term contract, though the New York Jets’ general manager has not discouraged potential trade partners from offering before the NFL draft.

A report from ESPN last week revealed the Jets showed no “official interest” in boosting Adams during the offseason, though Douglas had previously said he wanted to make the team’s All-Pro defense “a jet for life.”

The trade rumors surrounding Adams were raised during the earlier 2002 campaign, with players accusing Douglas of trying to trade him back and forth, only to clear the air.

When Douglas insisted he always listened to the business offer, he repeated the same message Monday, even if Adams’ plans to keep it.

Calling the conference, he told reporters, “Nothing has changed since we last spoke.

“Since I came here, my views on Jamal have been consistent – Jamal is an incredible young player and once again, our plan is to keep Jamal here for a long time.

“Jamal was planning to stay here long-term. And again, I also told him that the thing that interests me the most is the team. If the other team calls to talk about the players, I’ll listen.

“But going into this draft, my intention is not to move any player but if any team calls, we will have a conversation.

“My plan is to keep Jamal here for a long time.”

Adams was suggested to be a trade target, saying he planned to eliminate the virtual volunteer offseason workouts that began later this month.

Douglas, however, hinted that this would not be a problem for him.

He added, “Yesterday, I had no last-minute talk with Jamal.

“I would say that our volunteer offseason program will start on April 2nd and the highlighted word is ‘voluntary'”

Former LSU defensive back Adams was the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft of the 27 and has made the Pro Bowl every two years in the Jets teams that failed to reach the postseason.

He is under contract through the 2020 season and the Jets hold him a fifth-year option to extend that by 2021.