John Cena tells multiple WWE Superstars not to act like AA


Changed 22 May 2020, 00:15 IST

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John Cena

John Cena Will go down as one of the all time WWE’s All the time superstars when all is said and done. While he is known as the company’s perennial good guy, he has many backstage stories about the Sennheiser leader that portrayed him in a different light.

On The most recent version of Sean Ross Sap is the show at Fightingful Select, Interesting backstage details about John Super were published to run the finishes of other superstars that resembled his attitude adjustment finisher.

Former WWE superstar Tyler Rex told the Sun Ross Snake that John Cena told him it would not be an inverted Death Valley driver like AA. When Cena didn’t leave Rex, the 16-time world champion felt that Rex’s finishing move, also known as the Burning Hammer, made it look like AA.

Shawn added that he listened to a lot of people who were told by John Cena not to take certain steps if he looked like his iconic finisher.

He has published the following:

How Tiger Rex once went through the screen after Death Valley Driver (burning hammer) flipped his story and John Cena didn’t go over it, as he said, ‘What is that? Don’t repeat it like I did. ‘

And I’ve actually heard that it’s related to more than one person, such as John Cena, and their final step is that if it looked like that, he wasn’t going to do it.

Evolution of John Cena AA

John Cena’s attitude is consistent (Fireman’s Carry Takeover) – formerly known as FU – was probably not seen as the most destructive finishing move it ever made, but it is still one of the most recognized finishers in wrestling history.

The AA was John Cena’s most powerful weapon in his ‘Five Torment’ and seeing its appearance, the WWE veteran confirmed that the AA was not replicated or used in other incarnations by other superstars as a finisher.