Johnny Gargano has introduced new theme music during tonight’s NXT


07 May 2020, 06:23 IST has been changed

Johnny “I’m the bad guy in wrestling” Gargano

You know that when someone finds themselves entering brand new music they are completely transformed into a heel turn. This is exactly what happened during today’s episode of NXT in the United States for Johnny Gargano.

Sporting the motto of “All Heart, No Soul” and a hard, tough theme song (no word yet on what it says, nor do we have a video of it yet), “Johnny Wrestling” to face his opponent Ready to come to the ring for the night, Dominic Djakovich.

His wife, Candice Leare – who turned heels into Gargano’s final beat against Tomaso Simpa – made a change of her own, and her hair was dyed a light purple instead.

Johnny Gargano on NXT tonight

Johnny Gargano defeated Djakovic tonight with the help of a confusion from Leari. It is unclear whether the feud will continue or whether the pair will move to a different program. In the meantime, it looks like his archetype, Kiampa Carrion (formerly “Killer”) is about to start a fight with the cross, which means it’s likely to be some time – at least – before these two former DIY partners cross path again.

Again, this is NXT – so you never know. However, Triple H said “no” so they’ll probably keep it off.