Jordan ‘interesting’ to compare love with Patrick Mahomes


Retrieved 28 April 2020, 00:04 IST

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Jordan Love and Patrick Mahoms

Patrick Mahomes faced a similar challenge when he was drafted, according to Stats Performer Ethan Cooperson, who came out of Jordan Love College.

Research analyst Cooperson narrowed the numbers and ruled on the 2020 NFL draft.

One of the most controversial choices was when Green Bay Packers traded at No. 26 and opted for Utah State’s quarterback profit.

The move came despite quarterback Aaron Rogers being one of the great players when he led the Packers into the NFC Championship game.

Weakness to gain turnovers and he now has the opportunity to work on his game like Mahoms, who sat behind experienced Alex Smith except for one game of his rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahmos went on to enlist as NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP in 2018, when he earned the glory of chiefs.

“Very interesting, I can rank it as a good and bad choice,” Cooperson said.

“When you look at the weird 2019 season of love, it’s interesting 17 disagreements, it was the highest on the FBS. [Football Bowl Subdivision] And yet he was drafted in the first round. There is a good comparison to be made with Mahoms.

He has made 25 interceptions in the last two seasons at Texas Tech’s Mahoms. It is the fourth in the FBS in the two seasons of 2015 and 2016.

“So what did the chiefs do when they drafted him? They brought him in, told him to sit behind Alex Smith for almost the whole season?”

“Love is what Rogers has been doing for a year, two years. What’s the difference between Smith and Rogers? They don’t give a damn.

“Smith is eighth, Rogers first in NFL history for the lowest interception percentage. So in that sense, it makes a lot of sense.

“Mahoms has come and he’s become an MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. So maybe love arrives and he learns the features of defending football, without interruption.

“He follows Mahoms’ path to the perfect world for the Packers. So in that sense it’s a good move.”

The main concerns with Cooperson’s selection were the prudent use of premium drafting companies that could be used to improve key vulnerabilities.

He added: “Green Bay have played 10 games in the last 11 years in which Rogers is healthy and has started at least half of their games. Last year they reached the conference championship game.

“If Rogers is healthy, Green Bay is controversial. If you’re a packer, why not consider your draft to improve your run defense?

“Last year they allowed 4.7 yards per vehicle in the regular season, 285 yards in the championship game and four racing touchdowns.

“Is Green Bay thinking about the future too soon? Looking at the numbers, not everyone is Tom Brady, but the quarterbacks can play until they are 40 and still be among the best.

“Picking up in the first round and thinking he’ll be behind the Rogers for more than two years … It seems very surprising for a team like that to be in a winning position now.”