Juventus have a ‘determination’ to finish the season in Serie A.


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 22:24 IST

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Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli

Juventus have “intentions” to watch the rest of the 2018-20 Serie A season, chairman Andrea Agnelli confirmed on Friday.

An emergency meeting of the Lega Serie A was held on Friday, when it was revealed that all 20 teams had agreed to start campaigning without following the example of ERDVC and League 1, which ended their own season in the coronavirus epidemic.

Italy’s Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has warned that the government may take steps to end the season if there is no agreement on medical protocols to restart the match.

Defending champions Juventus were at the top, one point clear of Lazio, when the league was suspended.

Agnelli told the media: “I join in the appreciation and unanimous support for the work of President Dal Pino and I am taking this opportunity to reiterate one thing.

“You all know I’m not very media-friendly and I like to keep quiet. That could be a misinterpretation of Juventus’ aspirations.

“Well, I can strongly say that Juventus have a strong desire to finish the 2019-20 season.”

All Italian teams will return to training on May 18, a day after the government’s existing lockdown system expires.

However, clubs in the Emilia-Romguna region could return to work as soon as Monday after local rules were relaxed, although the directive could be revoked.

Agnelli said: “There will be a way and time to start training on May 16 and end the season by respecting UEFA and ECA guidelines for matches in June. [European Club Association]. “