Kamran Akmal wants Umar Akmal to learn from the behavior of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar


Retrieved 29 April 2020, 12:01 IST

Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal have played for Pakistan together [PC: Indiatoday]“/>
Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal have played for Pakistan together [PC: Indiatoday]

The wicket-keeper batsman dropped by Pakistan Kamran Akmal Interested in his disrespectful younger brother Umar Akmal The three superstars of India, the current captain Virat Kohli, have to learn from the behavior of the former captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni And Sachin Tendulkar to improve the captaincy.

Ankamal was talking to senior cricket journalist Chandresh Narayanan in an interview with Chandresh in a new series published on YouTube by Cow Corner Chronicles.

A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) panel banned Umar Akmal from playing three types of cricket for failing to report corruption practices. Over the years, Umar has crossed a number of boundaries that have been undermined by his lack of progress in following Pakistan cricket.

“It’s not just Kovid 19, it’s been a difficult time for us as a family with the situation around Umar. What the media has said can never happen. He may have been late, but the PCB should treat him like anyone else. Cricket is our bread and butter. The previous management (led by former coach Mickey Arthur) made him a very crude deal. He needs some more help, ”said Kamran Akmal.

Big Akmal Bhai is therefore keen to learn and improve his younger brother by observing Indian superstars.

“My advice to Umar is to learn. If he makes a mistake, he must learn from others. We play together and our focus is only on cricket. He is still young. There is a lot of confusion in life. But he must learn to say Virat Kohli. He was hugely different in the early days of the IPL and then he changed his attitude and approach. See how he has become the number one batsman in the world. Then we have our own Babar Azam who is now in the top three in the world, ”added Kamran Akmal.

Kamran Akmal thinks Umar Akmal needs to learn from MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar

“Then there are more examples like Dhoni. See how he has led his team. Then Sachin Paji would always stay away from controversy. This is a great example in front of us. We should observe and learn from them. They were just looking at sports. Their demeanor was impeccable to their fans and they are great ambassadors for the sport. We can only benefit from their examples. All this only benefits our country by looking at our sons, especially Kohli, Babar Azam and Abid Ali, ”said Kamran Akmal.

Veteran Akmal has played 53 Tests, 157 ODIs and 56 T20Is in his career starting in 2002. He last played for Pakistan in 1917 in the white ball format. During his career, he caused a great deal of controversy, both on and off the field.

Kamran Akmal sheds light on friendship with Indian cricketers

 In 2012-13, this Pakistani cricketer had a huge power with Gambhir “/>
In 2012-13, Pakistan cricketers had a huge power with Gambhir

Most notably, he had a feud with Gautam Gambhir and Ishant Sharma’s Delhi duo in India. During the T20 International in Bangalore in 2012-13, Kamran Akmal clashed with Gambhir at the 2010 Asia Cup in Dambulla and later with Ishant.

Today, however, Kamran Akmal says that he left everything behind and forgot because he referred to the Delhi couple as good friends.

“It all happened due to a misunderstanding and by that time it happened because of the heat. Gautam and I are good friends because we played a lot in ‘A’ cricket. We meet regularly, eat together. It was because he did not understand what he was saying. Same situation with Ishant in Bangalore. You know I don’t say too much on the field. Gautam and Ishant are both very good boys. We respect them and they respect us. Whatever happens on the field, stays there, ”commented Kamran Akmal.

In recent times, Gambhir and retired former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi have clashed on several social media platforms. Kamran Akmal believes Gambhir’s past should be forgotten.

“Gautam should make a statement that brings the two parties and the two countries closer together. I will never forget the warmth we got in India in 2005, 2007 and 2012 and vice versa. We should end this enmity and come closer to us. “We have moved away from each other as a team and as a nation despite being similar in many ways,” he said.

“We should be ready to play in the bilateral series. Either you come here or we come there. The only way to end this misunderstanding. Bringing up old things will not solve any problem. It is not enough just to play each other in ICC events and Asia Cup. We can create lifelong memories that everyone can talk about for a long time and bring the two countries closer, ”said the Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman.