KB Arun Karthik is batting for the Tamil Nadu pacers


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 12:28 IST

KB Arun Karthik believes Tamil Nadu now has pacers to complement their strong batting unit“/>
KB Arun Karthik believes Tamil Nadu now has a pacer to complement a strong batting unit

The former Tamil Nadu Wicketkeeper-batsman KB Arun Karthik He highlighted the development of domestic cricket in a state and across the country Exclusive Free Chat Sportesida.

Tamil Nadu batting has always been the strength of the team, we have seen more bowlers in recent years. Arun Karthik believes that Tamil Nadu pacers have only improved.

“Tamil Nadu has always had a strong batting unit. You have to score lots and lots of runs to get to the Tamil Nadu team. The Tamil Nadu players who have played for the country over the years have been batsmen or spinners, perhaps one or two fast bowlers. Now there are good batsmen and spinners as well as good fast bowlers in Tamil Nadu, ”said Arun Karthik.

Arun Karthik believes that the way cricket is played has changed

The former Royal Challengers Bangalore He also talked about how the match is playing differently now, with the batsmen taking more shots and focusing on opening up more opportunities for fitness pacers.

Arun Karthik believes that its effect Indian Premier League (IPL) The modern domestic game is for everyone to watch. The current Under-19 cricketers have watched the IPL from a young age, their incredible shots are proof of the league’s role in player development today.

“The way cricket has been played over the years has changed completely. The under-1 guys that started playing at the age of 10-12 would have grown up watching the IPL. The amount of shots they are playing now is incredible, ”Arun Karthik told us.

“The Ranji Trophy is much more competitive now. You can see many bowlers getting more than 50 wickets in a season nowadays. You can see that many fast bowlers are also getting wickets. This is a region where first-class cricket has developed. Especially with the training culture that has come, we now have a lot of fast bowlers who can bowl at around 140 kmph, ”added Arun Karthik.

Speaking about his promotion in Sri Lankan domestic cricket, Arun Karthik praised the quality of the games in the islands. He believes that cricket in Sri Lanka is highly competitive and playing some of the best bowlers in the country helped him build confidence early in his career.

“The standard of cricket in Sri Lanka’s domestic circuit was very high. Teams are highly competitive and all of their top players usually take part in tournaments. Their fast bowlers are very good. After the game, I started to believe that I could play any kind of fast bowling. All the fast bowlers of the time like Malinga, Kulasekar and Kapugedar used to play domestic cricket then, ”said Arun Karthik.

On a personal level, the former Kerala The cricketer’s goal is to win the Ranji Trophy to finish his domestic trophy collection. Arun Karthik is also hopeful of returning to the IPL, and given his performance in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), it is probably not a distant dream.

“I wake up every day, I see myself coming back to the IPL. I also want to win the Ranji Trophy. It’s a tournament I couldn’t win. I have won all the other tournaments at some point in my life. (Winning) These two (tournaments) are my goal right now, ”Arun Karthik told us.