Kid gloves for Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen


Changed 17 Apr 2020, 21:52 IST

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Barcelona’s Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Marc-André Ter Stegen should have been looking forward to the trophy with the Euro and Barcelona for 2021 – instead the German goalkeeper is proving to be a safe hands-on father.

Former Borussia Monchengladbach star and wife Daniela, 27, became the first parents after the baby Ben was born in December.

Ter Stegen is spending more time at home than he imagined due to Spain’s coronavirus lockdown.

Instead of going to training every day, Ter Stegen is staying fit at home, when he makes sure he is spending a lot of quality time with his three-month-old son.

He has accepted paternity, admitting that it had the benefit of trimming, although the early months of being a father were “intense.”

However, Ter Stegen added: “Every negative situation has a positivity similar to the coronavirus epidemic.

“We can be with our family and especially now, since she’s growing up so fast it was nice to be with her. Sleep loss was challenging at the beginning because of lack of sleep. We had to find a way to do this and Dani and I are doing very well now.”

Ter Stegen, who is pushing Manuel Neuer to be Joachim Low’s number one with Germany, is not sharing night-time duties with Ben as his wife needs him.

“Usually it’s Danny, but now I’m home and I can make my own schedule, he also made me,” said Ter Stegen in a video from the Barcelona club.

“He said, ‘Maybe we can make it one night, you, me one night’ It’s just a bar that’s beautiful, he lets us sleep easily It’s one time, it’s nothing big. Then he goes back to sleep, which is absolutely fine. .

“I’m fine, my family is doing well. We all stay home and try to spend some time, trying to make things a little easier, even if it’s not fun.”

As Spanish football holds, there is no definite indication of when to play the match, with the Barcelona stars downing home training from Ter Stegen to Lionel Messi.

Ter Stegen is attentive to Barcelona’s demands, such as Ben’s need for a nappy or midnight feed.

Ter Stegen said, “We try to do what they say or do.