Klopp gave a fun message to Liverpool fans at the Hillsborough anniversary

  • The final Hillsborough memorial held at Anfield was postponed due to coronavirus and J জrgen Klopp sent his thoughts to Liverpool fans.


Modified 15 April 2020, 17:52 IST

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Liverpool manager Jগrgen Klopp

Jজrgen Klopp sends thoughts, prayers and love to Liverpool supporters in the 31st anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster

In the 1989 FA Cup semifinal match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, three people died when a crash developed at Wednesday’s home stadium at Leppings Lane End in Sheffield.

A 2016 search found that fans were killed illegally due to failure by the police and ambulance services.

The final memorial was planned to begin at Hillsborough Family Support Group Anfield on Wednesday but forced to suspend the coronavirus epidemic.

“Every year is the most significant date for our football club,” Klopp said in a video shared on Liverpool Twitter.

“The plan was that we would be together in Anfield today, but that is not possible.

“The only thing we can confirm is that we are in each other’s thoughts and, believe me, you are in our thoughts.

“You have our thoughts, you have our prayers and above all you have love. You will never walk alone.”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson also posted a video message via the club’s Twitter page.

The English midfielder said, “Today was a day when we, as a club, were supposed to be together in Anfield who went to a football match to honor the lives of 969 people and never returned home.”

“The fact that we are unable to do this will make this anniversary especially difficult for the Hillsborough family and survivors.

“I’m not one to lecture, but for all of the players in Liverpool, I want to say to all those who are affected that you are in our thoughts today.

“As always, we are together in spirit even though we are not in private together. You will never walk alone” “

Liverpool players, staff and supporters will observe a minute of silence at 15:06 BST on Wednesday, when the match against Forrest was closed.

The original intention was to keep the memorial in the 7th anniversary of the tragedy but it coincided with the trial of Hillsborough match commander David Dockenfield, who was cleared of serious negligence killings after a trial in November.

Published April 15, 2020, 17:52 IST

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