Klopp has linked up with players like Liverpool legend Dalglish, says Adam


Retrieved 27 April 2020, 23:58 IST

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Jগrgen Klopp has embraced Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold.

According to Charlie Adam, Liverpool boss Jগrgen Klopp is similar to club legend Kenny Dalglish.

Klopp’s squad was on the verge of making its debut as Premier League champions – their first top-flight title in 30 years – when the season was postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic, losing only once in a domestic campaign to turn a potential title contest into a procession.

Having sealed the first trophy of his reign last June with a win over Tottenham in the Champions League final, the German coach has overseen the huge improvement in the team’s fortunes since taking office in October 2015.

Fascinated by both the passion and professionalism displayed by former Liverpool midfielder Adam Klopp, he saw the comparison of his experience with Dadlish, the midfielder was in charge when he signed for the Reds.

Adam Stats told the performer, “Both seem to like it very much, very open to the players, they seem to have embraced the players a lot,” Adam Stats told the performer.

“I don’t know how to work with Jগrgen, but what I see from the outside is that he is an incredibly enthusiastic man and the ethics of his work is amazing.

“People I talk to at the club say he was there very early in the morning, his work is done and he goes home and he just keeps it simple.

“He’s got great players but you have to organize them and create a way and a discipline of how to play and I think he did it and he got results.

“Anyone who hugs you, shows you passion and a little bit of love is what every player wants and he’s awesome.

“He’s got great players around him and I think he’s got the best solution for Liverpool at the moment.”

Fascinated by Blackpool’s lone season in the Premier League, Adam joined in July 2011. Dalglish did his best to help his fellow Scotsman settle into the club.

Their season included an EFL Cup win together, although Dalglish, who finished eighth in the table, ended up in charge of the second spell.

“I was lucky every day that when he was director he would come and talk and sit and have lunch and make sure I was okay,” Adam recalls of life under his homeland.

“I think a little bit because I was also Scottish, which helped. He made sure everything was fine and it was great to be a part of it and it was great to be in his company.

“And that year we won the Curling Cup and also reached the FA Cup final, so we did just that.

“I think the trend started because Liverpool didn’t win the trophy for several years and we were lucky enough to have a team that was able to put them back in this role and get to the cup final.”