Klopp hopes the Premier League will be ‘intense’ again


Changed 20 May 2020, 00:00 IST

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp is enjoying the possibility of his Liverpool squad returning to training ground but they know they must be prepared to be omnipresent if the Premier League finally starts again.

The English top flight was halted in March amid a carnavirus epidemic, with the Reds embarrassed with their first league title in 30 years.

Klopp’s complaint will return to training on Wednesday, albeit initially in small groups

The Germans are looking forward to a return to the swing of things but are looking to resume competitive action, for which no specific date has been set.

Asked how he felt about the return of his players to Melwood on Klopp’s official website, he told Klopp’s official website, “I’ve come across the moon, I’ll tell you.”

“I can’t wait for a while now, so I’m really glad we were able to do it again – going back to Melwood, getting small group training and things like that.

“It will be intense, especially for the coaches because lots of players in a small group means a lot of sessions, but we had enough time to rest so we’ll be fine. Can’t wait.”

It was announced on Tuesday that 7446 Premier League players and staff tested coronavirus and gave six positive results across three clubs, whose names have not been released.

Hopefully the fixtures can resume in June, with Klopp urging to be ready to run to the ground from his side.

“When we start it comes back to everything again

“So, it’s not about, ‘Oh, Liverpool have to win two games.’ By the way, we have to win two games when we start – it’s not ‘just two’, it’s two. It’s not more or less.

“We have to win them, not that we want to win the last two or whatever and come anyway.

“We want to play the best possible football than any other team fighting to stay in the league fighting for the Champions League.

“Unfortunately, we have to do it, without the best encouragement from the crowd at Anfield and the best kick in your ass at the best moment in the world.

“But that’s how life is. I never understood in my life why you don’t always want what you have, you can’t have this. We can’t have it right now, so let’s take a break and do our best.”