La Liga Breakthrough Star of 2019/20: Barcelona and Real Madrid’s youth shine brightly

Football has been given a break in the coronavirus epidemic but we can still take stock of the season so far, even as we eagerly wait for it to return.

This is an opportunity to focus on a few of the new players that have exploded in this scene in this episode.

Here we have listed five of La Liga’s top ten stars this season, considering only the players who have made the top ten appearances in Europe’s top five leagues.

Pervis Estupinan (Osasuna)

Estupinan has been in his fifth loan spell since joining Watford from LDU Quito in 2016, but Osasuna’s left-handed performance this season could mean his end. After being influenced by Spain’s second tier Mallorca in the last term, the newly promoted Osasuna’s two-year loan status has begun its journey in electric fashion.

In fact, the 22-year-old has emerged as one of the finest balanced full backs in Europe. None of the La Liga defenders have been able to make more assists than crosses (3), when he is third for the right cross (31) and when he comes out with successful dribbles (50). On the flip side, the Ecuadorian is at the top for handling (70) and third for Interseps (46).

His numbers are so great because he feeds in space on both sides of the ball. He’s more like a classic winger that he’ll run into the zero area, immediately lift the ball, then aim his head at the target before delivering a measured cross into the box. Give him a place and he will execute, if an opposing winger has a place, he will execute. His expectations and readings about danger are great, so before any pass even reaches his goal, he flows into action and uses his strong base to snatch the ball.

Watford have a reconsideration option this summer but they may first turn off interest from Europe’s elite.

Ansu Fati (Barcelona)

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Like other classes of the club, the famous academy of Barcelona is also touring. The 2012 La Masia XI is now a part of history, the world-class talent-carrying belt produced by the academy has stalled in recent years, but the sudden rise of Ansu Fatir this season has acted like a thunderbolt through the clouds.

Fati made her debut last August as a 1-year-old and has since broken a number of records. Hold your breath. He is the club’s youngest scorer in La Liga, the youngest and youngest in the league in the same game, the youngest player in La Liga history to win a link, and the youngest player in Champions League history and with a goal of winning. He has scored five goals this season and not until the age of 18 until October – for reference, Lionel Messi once scored for BlueGrana before reaching the same age. Fati is indeed a genius.

The most notable thing about a teenager is his intelligence, though not records or statistics. Quickly the winger knows when to enter the space, when his ball should be reused and also how to finish. There are many, many talented players in this world, but what sets them apart in Fatir’s age is the mentality, and he has It is.

Mohamed Salisu (Real Valladolid)

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Real Valladolid have been flirting with the bottom three this season, yet their defensive record has pushed them to the top of La Liga. Goal-scoring has been the reason for opposition to keeping the team out, and a big reason for their shortcomings is 21-year-old center-back Mohammad Salisu.

Injuries at the start of the season forced coach Sergio Gonzalez to hasten his initial plans to introduce him to the increasingly senior setup, but since the start of the campaign he has been the mainstay behind Valladolid three. Still understandably in a very raw state, Salisu showed a slightly noticeable concentration with his physical gift that saw him dominate both in the air and in the call. He’s the type of center-back who loves to involve the opponent in the opponent’s boxer style, which explains why no other player in La Liga has been given more clearances this season.

Like all modern center-backs, Ghanian possesses a respectable 80.5% pass accuracy and is able to do so with his strengths that enable him to fight against pressure with relative ease. He is still mature, but the € 12 million release clause has clearly kept tabs on his progress, with several top clubs showing interest in Real and Atletico Madrid at Manchester United.

Unai Simon (Athletic Bilbao)

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The campaign against current strong goalkeepers David de Gea, Kepa Orizabalaga and Pa Lopez, Spain’s senior goalkeepers, did not have much of an impact in favor of the heinous act of criminal goalkeeping. However, the Unai Simons have a lot to look forward to. Athletic Bilbao stopper showed some talent in his last talent when he jumped from fourth in the picking order to play seven times in La Liga – Athletic’s first-choice Igo Herrene was injured and third-choice Alex Remiro was left on contract. He produced an MOTM show against Real Madrid and brought the form to the season after winning the No. 1 match.

Only Real and Atletico Madrid have conceded fewer goals this season than Athletic and the entire defensive unit has been credited, but the 22-year-old goalkeeper deserves high praise considering his save percentage, only good for Thaibat Courtois and David Soria. Unlike Real Valladolid, he has been outstanding this season, regularly across his goal line to make athletic stops, stay big on a V and use his head, legs, shoulders and shots to block shots.

The Basque side has actually been able to upgrade from Kepa and pocket a 80 80 million transfer fee.

Rodrigo (Real Madrid)

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Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has ordered the club to clear the best young players on the planet. Vinicius broke down last season as one of the rising superstars for Brazil, surpassing Perez after losing to Neymar for Barcelona, ​​and Rodrigo mirrored his opponent in 2012/2017.

In fact, Rodrigo has done very well this season as he can also capture Vinicius as the club’s best young talent. His playing time has been limited to this period as he has been registered as a Cassetla player, but what the 19-year-old showed in more than 1,000 first-minute minutes is that he has a bag of skills. He is different from Vinicius in that he is a finisher winger more than Skills Fletcher, as evidenced by a great Champions League hat-trick against Galatasaray. Two goals in 10 La Liga outings show that he is at this level. Although Vinicius is much faster and more efficient, Rodrigo is more direct and clinical. If they can mix their abilities together, they will create an endless winger.

Zinedine Zidane gave his seal of approval to Rodrigo and he was also the last winner. The goal NXGN series.

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