La Liga will start again on June 20 – Leganসs coach Aguirre


Retrieved 08 May 2020, 04:56 IST

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Leganes coach Javier Aguirre

Leganসs coach Javier Aguirre said Lagiga would resume on June 20 amid the coronavirus epidemic.

La Liga, which was suspended in March, is returning to training as it prepares for a reopening campaign.

La Liga president Javier Tevez said late last month that he was optimistic the competition could return in mid-June.

Aguirre told Marca Claro on Thursday that La Liga would resume on June 20.

“We’ve got a relaunch date now – La Liga will start again on June 20th and we’ll officially end July 2 in five weeks,” he said.

“[Matches] 11 will play on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday [remaining] Capital.

“Laliga has now officially confirmed this to me and so I am happy, because we have now received all the scheduled training.

“We’ll start tomorrow. Fortunately, we have passed [coronavirus] Test. “

Barcelona were two points ahead of Real Madrid with 11 games left to play when the Tu was suspended.

In terms of security, three points are in Aguirre’s Leganes Release Zone

The death toll in Spain has exceeded 2,000,000, with more than 200,300 coronaviruses dying worldwide.