Lamar Jackson will be featured on the cover of Madden 21


Modified April 21, 2020, 23:54 IST

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Lamar Jackson is playing for the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson brings up statistics at every level that pundits describe as ‘the number one video game’.

Now he will become the next featured athlete in the most successful football video game of all time.

The ruling MVP has confirmed that his match Madden will be on the cover of NFL 21 in a video posted on the team’s Twitter feed on Tuesday.

The prestigious video game franchise produced by EA Sports has sold more than 3 million copies since its founding in 1988 and has just followed the company’s FIFA as the best-selling sports video game franchise.

Jackson’s 2019 MVP promotion and multi-faceted skills – the kind that translates best to gaming and make him a favorite for young fans – made him the obvious choice to be the next cover athlete in the series.

It has been on the cover for the first dozen years since the legendary announcer John Madden of the Kingdom, who received the name, but Madden’s cover served as the most popular time capsule in the NFL 2001, after running behind Tennessee Titans Addy George.

Some fans, however, believe in the ‘Madden Curse’, which leaves the cover athlete vulnerable or injury-hit after the game is released.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Dounty Klepper had his pass rating reduced by nearly 15 points from the previous season during the cover of Madden NFL 02, and Michael Vick started just four games for the Atlanta Falcons when Madden caught the NFL 04 cover.

Donovan McNabb missed seven games in 2005, a loss of more than a thousand from Sean Alexander’s yard from 25 2005 to 20 1,000, and Vince Young led the interception with just nine touchdown passes in 20 years – and so the list goes on. Contains.

Jackson, however, did not turn to national bigotry, indicating that Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes was on the cover of Madden 20 after his MVP promotion and won the Super Bowl in February.

“I’m not worried about a curse,” Jackson said. “Patrick Mahomes was in the front, he won [the Super Bowl] MVP, so I curse this. I hope it’s a curse. ”

Jackson, 20, is coming off an unprecedented season where he surpassed that touchdown with just six interceptions and gained a quarterback-record 1,206 yards on the ground with seven touchdown touchdowns.