Last night’s biggest winners and losers (May 11)


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 17:44 IST

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A touching call is a heartwarming way!

Last night ‘R’ There was a unique monetization of pay per view and was easily the most resultant version of the 2020 Red Brand Empty Arena or No. The show began with a startling announcement from the champion champion. From there, it slowly began to create competition that we would see in the coming weeks.

This is truly a unique era WWE’s, Empty arena and all, but the company has once again done a commendable job in terms of its maximum earnings, arguably showing that they are the best when their backs are against the wall like Monday Night Wars.

Who got the most and the least from last night’s show? Let’s take a look.

Winner: Asuka

In a remarkable moment, Becky Lynch announced that she was expecting a child and that the Money in the Bank match had become not just a title shot, but a khas women’s championship. Becky Launch left the championship to her long-time rival with tears in her eyes. Asuka, Throwing him into the process by reminding us that he is the only woman who has beaten him since he became The Man.

As part of it, Asuka embraces her rivalry in a moment of joy. It was to call for a war of attrition against their rivalry that an epic storyteller thought of, as was the power involved in that brilliant division that could be the best of the 2020s.

In a clean time, for both the WWE and the world, there was nothing more welcome.

Of course, Asuka has done a tough job in front of him now. As he did in the NXT, he will now be tasked with carrying a thin division over Ka and may be tasked with doing so for the foreseeable future. However, in this empty end, Vince McMahon is fascinated by him. If anyone is most capable of this, it is Asuka and his victory last Sunday is now more understood.