Launched Mytemormy, a new offer for fans from Mytem 11


Retrieved 30 April 2020, 11:28 IST


MyTime 11-One of India’s top fantasy sports platforms is stuck with the goal of offering something new to their user base and offering them as they announce the launch of MyTime.

MyTeam11 already includes fantasies like cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, football, handball and baseball Users added a new dimension to their platform, launching the Myitium 11 quiz earlier this month. MyteamRummy will follow in April to become the second new offer from the fantasy gaming giant.

MyteamRummy will allow users to enjoy a 13-card rummy game with competitors across the country. The USP with which the game is being launched includes an INR 2000 sign-up bonus for new users and a 1000 1000 bonus for each successful referral by an existing user. In addition, if the user already has an existing MyTeam11 user ID, he or she can sign up with MyTeammy using the same.

Speaking of the introduction of mitemarmi, Binit Godara, CEO and co-founder, MyTime11 Said, “MyTime 11 has grown slowly and steadily as a prominent name in the online gaming ecosystem. An exciting game like Romney needed time and it was waiting for our users. For our convenience, Rumi does not have a season and relies on ongoing sports events. No. With the addition of this kind of traditional themed game to our tomate, MyTime 11 is very powerful Users who want to tap besati wife who wants to take part in the fun and Gaming online for entertainment. “

Mr. Godara Added, “The ongoing COVID-19 situation has stopped Live Sports and demanded innovation. For the past four years, the brand has stuck with its core value to lead the way in product innovation and ensure that its user base always has something to look forward to.” I strongly believe that mitemarmi is a great fit for people all over the country Will be on.

The decision to launch MyteamRummy was taken after a thorough market study and was complemented by a report by KPMG in 2019 and a report titled ‘The Age of Consumer ART’ in the Indian media and entertainment sector in 2020. – Preservation and transaction of acquisitions by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the consulting firm Ernst & Young (YY).

Both studies predicted a steep growth in the online gaming industry in the coming years. The former estimated a compound growth rate of 32% over a five-year period, which was linked to a value of Rs 25,000 crore in the 24 years of the fiscal. The 2020 survey by FICCI and EY, on the other hand, indicates a growth rate of 43% over the next three years, with a value of around Rs 16,700 crore. In both cases, Rumi will play a key role, according to the research.

Users can download both MyteamRummy from the and MyTeam11 applications.