League 1 Season Team 2019/20: PSG’s Neymar, Mbappe and De Maria among attacking weapons

For most leagues around the world, the 2012/20 season has not officially ended, but it has been suspended due to COVID-19 – its continuation – it should be restarted – it will look almost like a new mini-promotion to test the rest of the fixtures.

As such, it seems only fair to recognize players who have performed admirably during general promotions.

We’re putting it together Team Tu Dal For the top five leagues in Europe.

In this edition, we have selected 22 of the best performing players in League 1 and with your help we have shortened it to the best XI. France’s top flight officially became the champion with a 12-point lead and a game in hand with Paris Saint-Germain.

Using the poll in our Instagram Store, we pit players against each other in each position and let you decide who is eligible.

Presumably, PSG has entered the most with Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Angel Di Maria, Marquinhos and Idris Guevara. However, there are four inclusions from the Rennes as well as they are third in the standings after a fine season.

Follow us Instagram page Get involved. Here’s what our League 1 season team looks like:

GK: Predrag Rajkovic (RIMs)

After spending the last four seasons with McCabe in Tel Aviv, Predrag Rajkovic has become one of the best kept secrets in opening goalkeeping talent. The 24-year-old is a round defender who has no significant weaknesses, but his management and reliability where he has surpassed. After a great campaign with Stade Reims, he kept the cleanest sheet (12) and conceded the least goal (21), he is certainly not flying under the radar anymore.

Arabic: Hamari Trevor (Renaissance)

Hamari Trevor

Hamari Trevor has attracted a lot of interest from clubs around Europe as he has shown this season as a skilled right-back and has just one year left on his current contract. The 28-year-old was one of the main performers in qualifying for the Renaissance Champions League. He has five assists this season and has managed the league’s second-most progressive pass (291).

CB: Damien da Silva (Renaissance)

Damien da Silva

Damien da Silva led not only was he hailed as the captain of the Rennes Champions League, he was also one of their consistent players. Operated at the center of the defense, the center-back recorded the highest clearance (131) of France’s top aircraft, and any of his unreasonable approaches helped his team cut errors and stay focused. In the opposing box, he claims for one goal and two assists this season

CB: Marquinhos (PSG)


Thomas Tuchel seeks strategic flexibility and in meeting that demand, Marquinhos has become the PSG’s most important player this season. His versatility has seen him work between different systems behind the center and in midfield, switching seamlessly between the two. A lot of times, you can’t even tell what position he was playing by operating around in a hybrid role. What remained unchanged was intelligence, physicality, and pass accuracy.43.4 percent.

LB: Fateout Mausa (Rennes, Britain)

Fateout Mausa

In contrast, the full-back has been impressive this season, but Fate has accepted Trore’s performance for Mausa Rance. The left-back instantly catches the eye with perfect speed and strength to score three times this season to keep him ahead and keep his team on the front foot. It has a great engine for getting back into position with recovery runs and making arrangements with the most 15 block crosses (15) in the league.

Chief Minister: Idris Gue (PSG)

Idris Gue

When Idris Guey was signed from Everton last summer, he was seen as a midfield destroyer, but this season he has been shown to be more than that, of course, with an average of 3.3 tackles per game and 1.7 interceptions. But he has been one of the best passes in the PSG, not only in terms of volume or accuracy, but also in method, forward and in between lines. Now playing

CM: Eduardo Camavinga (Rennes, Britain)

Eduardo Camavinga

Most players in French football cannot claim dominance in a game against a strong PSG, but earlier this season, Eduardo Camavinga did just that as a 16-year-old during a famous 2-2 win. Since then the campaign has worked beyond its years to highlight the great talent of the young man, highlighting the composer and the continuity. With 105 league-high tackles, Kamaviva has anchored Rennes’ midfield in his debut campaign as a seasoned supporter.

RW: Angel Di Maria (PSG)

Angel de Maria

With great vision and a left foot scratch, Angel Di Maria kept an eye on the head as the creator of PSG this season. Argentina was a constant threat to the defense, with key passes (4 the) and first place in the league for smart passes (91). He was also a fugitive leader to help 14 people, Islam was doubled in place of Suleimani.

Cam: Neymar (PSG)


If De Maria was the creator of PSG, then Neymar was the catalyst. His explosive runs and devastating dribbling in the final third helped break down the most stubborn defenses, and like Mbappe and De Maria, he was brilliantly involved. His 217 dribbles in just 15 matches were the most in the division and his 13 goals and six assists helped to imagine intense speculation of a return to the mind of Paris in Barcelona.

LW: Dmitry Payet (Marseille)

Dmitry Payet

With PSG well ahead, Marseille have been the best at rest this season and Dimitri Payet has been their influential figure. He may be 33, but the promotion suggests a reconsideration of the national team and reminds West Ham fans of the left nine goals and four assists were impressive returns for the playmaker when four key passes per game were the best in the league.

ST: Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

Kylian Mbappe

This season has seen Kylian Mbappe go from strength to strength. Under Tuchel, he has honored his killer instincts and is becoming more focused on his output. Not surprisingly, his position inside the box has touched more than anyone else, and he, along with AS Monaco’s Wissam Ben Yedder, is at the joint top with 16 goals. The young Frenchman is now scoring a terrific rate, scoring one goal every 64.2 minutes.

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