Leo Rush has revealed why he is considering retiring from professional wrestling [Exclusive]


Retrieved 13 May 2020, 05:56 IST

Leo Rush Says He Will Never Return To The Ring“/>
Leo Rush says he will never return to the ring

Following his recent release from the WWE, Leo Rush Twitter caused a frenzy when he hinted that he might never wrestle again.

The 25-year-old was described as a “moneylender” Triple H. Calling an NXT media conference less than a year ago, it looks like he’s getting ready to boot.

Well, I’m lucky to have found out the truth behind this tweet with the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion and why Rush is considering retiring at such a young age.

Is Leo Rush retiring?

You can watch a clip from our interview below, or read the transcript. The full interview will be available for viewing soon Through our YouTube channel.

One thing I mean, of course, is that you left a little tweet that achieved a little bit … I can’t say the debate but last week when you said, “People, like a lot of people, and could never wrestle.” How truthful was that? Did you really come to the music and that’s where it came from, or was there honesty behind it?

“I think it was both.”

“I knew this album was going to be released. I knew I was going to continue making music. So, from that point of view, I was thinking, ‘Man, I’m doing so much with music. It’s a passion of mine. I just never set foot in the ring again.'”

Leo Rush, who has just released his new album ‘Ever After’, will explain and reveal that this is not the excitement of choice at the moment.

“There’s another level of that tweet where it’s a pretty real situation because before the release I always told myself and I would talk to my family members and friends inside and outside the business and say,‘ I have the gut feeling I won’t be in the world of wrestling anymore. “Obviously the memories and marks I left of wrestling will be there, but physically I’m weak.” Being a part of your business can make you disappear more often than not. “

The former NXT cruiserweight champion wrestler “hit” him with some things in the business, and isn’t sure if he wants to risk his own happiness by wrestling again.

“Yeah, I don’t know what it was but even after the release, it made me think more and more. There’s a lot of things I’ve done in the wrestling business that I’ve felt hurt somehow and it’s pretty frustrating.”

Rush will say that many backstage politicians have gained his wrestling experience and that the investment he has made in his career has caught up with him.

“Looking at me as a kid and wanting to do it, and just seeing the bright lights and the action and seeing the brave stunts and stuff like that is becoming a business man to me and part of the action. But, you know, like politics and behind the scenes Everything came I didn’t understand … Exclude my language but the bull **** which is wrestling and I took a long time my person Resalinye about the life of the investment – and to me it seems to have caught up with me – and now I stay home with my family and myself and my relationships and my music has the opportunity to focus “”

But the good news is that Leo Rush is happy now. While the former RAW superstar retiring at the age of 25 could be a huge loss for the wrestling industry, it could be a huge gain for the music industry if critics praise it so much that there is nothing to go on yet.

Whatever he does, we, at Sportsaid, thank Leo Rush for chatting with us, and wish him well in the future.

“I’m happy right now, and why would I put myself back in a position where I didn’t have much control, and I was frustrated, angry, confused? Why put myself back in this position when I? Stay here and be happy, and be happy?” Can? “

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